Monday, October 21, 2013

Hibernation: KimK Style.

Honestly- I am really ready to have this baby. I am uncomfortable, hot, and HUGE. I have to say, I'm really happy for those ladies who gain like, nothing while they're pregnant. Really, I am. I'm just sad for me- who happens to gain tons of weight everywhere except my belly.

There's this odd phenomenon that seems to happen to me while I'm pregnant. My belly doesn't look as pregnant as it actually is but my thighs, ass, boobs, and feet look about 20mo pregnant. Lucky me.

I would never claim to have the body of beautiful celebrities like Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian. But these women and I do have two things in common. First: like them, I'm naturally curvy and have to work very hard at keeping those curves in check. Second: when I get pregnant those natural curves automatically get curvier. WAY CURVIER.

I hope I have as easy of a time losing this excess weight as I did after I had Easton- but I'm scared. I started off WAY skinnier when I got pregnant with E (127 pounds, to be exact) and hiked and nursed my way to a (healtheir) 145 post baby.

Lately, all I've been thinking about is hibernating until I lose the weight. In my latest fantasy, I picture letting no one see me (except family and close friends) until I pop out of my cave- perfectly toned and fabulous (with new clothes to boot). This is a totally selfish and unrealistic fantasy. But, it's mine. And I'm sticking to it.

Dear pre & post Easton body,

I miss you. xo

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