Tuesday, October 1, 2013

celebrating two.

we celebrated easton's birthday this past weekend. we had a smallish birthday party with all of easton's closest friends. last year we celebrated with all of our friends- but i wanted this year to be just about easton. he had all of his regular playmates at his birthday party, which was so fun because he knew EVERYONE who was there.

i decided to do a "favorites" theme, where i decorated different areas of the house with his favorite stuff. he loves frosty the snowman, elmo, and stars (which he calls "uppp ahhhhs" because of the song twinkle twinkle- "up above the world so high...")

the backyard was reserved for the water table, and drawing on huge sheets of butcher paper which we fasted to cardboard. easton's cake was stacked doughnuts (something i highly recommend because it make "cutting" quite easy. 

easton was blessed with some really fabulous birthday gifts (all of which he loves), and was lucky enough to pass out his favorite red rubber bouncy balls for his birthday favor.

it was a great day.

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