Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When Husbands Surprise YOU!

The other day, Tony and I were browsing TV's at target when this funny thing happened...

Our family just moved into our new (pink) home and we were without a TV, so we decided it was time to make the purchase. We just couldn't believe how expensive they are! Every additional size moved the price hundred's of dollars higher- and I was like, "I'd rather buy a million other things than an expensive TV!" Tony (at first) reluctantly agreed to consider a small TV, 32' to be exact.

Once we finally decided on this (tiny) TV, Tony said, "I like the idea of Easton seeing that the TV is not the focus of our family room- the bigger it is, the bigger the importance. It's a good lesson for him."

I thought his words were just wonderful and so thoughtful. So, instead of spending $800 on a TV we spent $230. So what if it looks like an iPad?  :)

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Heather said...

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