Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post Babymoon.

Tony and I went on a fabulous two night getaway for our "babymoon," aka- the last trip you'll take, just the two of you, for a REALLY long time.

We decided to go to a resort in Big Sur known for it's private yurts, treehouses, and campsites. It has extraordinary views of the ocean and two really really delicious fine dining restaurants.

Tony and I stayed in the smaller but more "luxurious" treehouse.  We ate every single meal at the resort, went on hikes, took naps, and watched our two favorite movies on our laptop. Breakfast was complimentary, and SOOOO good. They served fruit, toast, eggs, oatmeal, and (get this...) make your own waffles. They had the most hard core waffle makers I have ever seen.

We really enjoyed our time, but couldn't help talking about our little guy who was staying with his sitter during our time away. We reminisced about how cute it is that Easton points to Max in the book Where The Wild Things Are, and says, "NAAAPPPPSSSS (his little pronunciation of Max).

Our absolute favorite part of our getaway? We did a four mile hike up to a waterfall right off of Hwy. 1. It was so beautiful. It felt like we were in Hawaii. The air was moist and cool, the vegetation was green and lush, and the pool of water was as clear as glass.

All in all, our trip was amazing.

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