Saturday, June 22, 2013


Easton has been saying so many words and phrases that it's hard to keep up. He seems to have a few new words on a daily basis- which is so fun. Every time a new word pops out of his mouth I think, "where did you learn that word?!?!" I'm always so amazed by watching this little person develop and grow day by day. His development and adaptation to new things gives me motivation to continue adapting and developing, myself. It's so easy to get stuck where I'm at...

We had a few different painting sessions the last couple of weeks. Easton is so funny. He doesn't like to get dirty, and always says (in a stressed out kind-of-a-way), "diiittttyyyy" (pronounced [di-tty] as in, P-Diddy. That's ma boy).

Anyway, when he paints, it takes him about 25 minutes to let himself get into it. He just looks at the paint, looks at his hands, and says "dittttyyy" until he gives in and starts playing with the paint. I try so hard to encourage his dirty play, and even have him paint my arm or leg to help him understand that it's totally okay to enjoy the paint. 

Here are a few gems from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

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