Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tony and I went on a Babymoon while I was pregnant with Easton. We did an eleven day trip to Washington D.C. and New York City- which was fabulous. Since we have Easton now, we don't want to get away for THAT long but we'd still love to take a Babymoon- chalk full of relaxation, hiking, massage, yoga, and delicious food.

We've decided to head on out to Big Sur to the Treebones Resort where we will stay in a Yert (which is my friend Shayne's most HATED word- although I still don't understand why). Yerts are huge round, canvas type structures. We will be staying in one with an ocean view- and I can't wait.

We are thinking about doing a Family-Babymoon as well, where we will take Easton to a fun filled city and do things that revolve around his favorite activities (like playing in different parks, taking train rides, eating at yummy places, and going to kid's museums). We haven't decided where yet, but San Francisco for a three nights and four days is beginning to take the lead...although San Diego might be fun, too! I think it would be really special to focus a trip on JUST Easton, since he will be joined by a brother or sister in no time. Quality time with E seems even more special these days...

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