Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Last week was quite a challenge. My little guy sliced his pinky finger right down to the bone and had four stitches done to sew him back together. Then came a cough (that sounded eerily like Croup), and then a car accident- in which my pregnant self and my darling toddler were just minding our own business when a cab flew up and hit us at a light. HUMMMMMPH. The ambulance came right away and checked Easton, I had to go to the hospital to have the little Bird checked out... we were all fine. Thanks be to God...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Like Grandfather, like son.

 After my dad died, I went through tons of old pictures. The one above really caught my eye because I swore I saw my little Easton all up in my dad's three year old face. Now that Easton is a little older, it's pretty amazing how much he really does resemble my dad. I miss him everyday, and it's an absolute gift that I get to see him in my son face...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tony and I went on a Babymoon while I was pregnant with Easton. We did an eleven day trip to Washington D.C. and New York City- which was fabulous. Since we have Easton now, we don't want to get away for THAT long but we'd still love to take a Babymoon- chalk full of relaxation, hiking, massage, yoga, and delicious food.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Bird.

Tony and I are (freaking) thrilled about the newest development in the Frascone family. Baby number two (who I like to refer to as, Birdy) is on it's little way. Boy or Girl? Only God knows.

Tony and I have always known that we wanted to have more than one child and on New Years Day we decided that we will start trying for baby Birdy number two. I was lucky lucky lucky enough to get pregnant RIGHT away. (I can't even tell you how grateful and lucky we feel that fertility has been smooth sailing for us.)

We have been talking to Easton about the new baby and he has been loveingly pointing to my boobs, belly, and sometimes thighs and saying "BABYYYY." He also points to his own belly and says, "baby," but I always remind him that he is not the one going through this difficult pregnancy- I AM.

Difficult? Well, let's just say that I've had a rough start. I've been incredibly nauseaus and eating (which I love so much) has been tough. But yesterday I woke up with more energy than usual and didn't feel nauseaus ONCE. Progress, people. Progress. Poor Tony hasn't gotten very many home-cooked meals in the last two months because I feel so sick at the grocery store that I can barley buy Easton's milk. I have, however perfected the art of Mac & Cheese- which Easton hadn't had the pleasure of eating until about a month ago when I got a sudden craving. My cravings usually contain cheese and citrus fruit (luckily not at the same time). Although what I am really loving right now IS cheese and fruit: cottage cheese and pineapple.

The pregnancy feels different this time- I'm working now, which wasn't the case with Easton. I also have a toddler to look after (which sometimes doesn't go as well as it should), and this time I've felt more sick and had indigestion (YUCK). I have done the "unthinkable" and put TV on for little E, which I had never done before- and now, like so many kids before him he knows who Elmo is AND calls him by name. Whatevs. You win some you lose some.

I'm hoping to get a little more consistent with my posts now that my energy is coming back. So, you'll be hearing from me A LOT about how the pregnancy is going, how Easton is doing, and of course I'll be writing about Frascone life- in general.

PS- I just ordered THIS book for Easton. I hope he loves it!
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