Monday, March 25, 2013

Carry On.

The lyrics of FUN's song Carry On are truly touching. For whatever reason, the song has inspired me to write this post about one of my greatest accomplishments...

 Here's the thang. I'm not uber proud that it has taken almost ten full years to (finally) get my bachelors degree. I've made many mistakes and wrong turns these last ten years. There has been great stuff too, like marriage and Easton that have delayed my degree. The obstacles (good and bad) that I came upon throughout college weighed me down. There were times (many times, in fact) that I just wanted to give up. To rest my feet, lay down in grass, and stop moving.

Throughout my college career I had some major ups and downs. I got married, stood by my husband's side through two (yes, two) heart attacks, miscarried a baby, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy,  shattered my ankle, watched my dad decline in health and mind, mourn his death, and go through some challenging times internally. Through the good and the bad I never gave up. I never did rest my feet. I trudged. I carried on. 

Although life does not always turn out exactly how one might expect, I'm pretty happy with mine. I can say with all of my heart that through the good and the bad- the ugly moments and the beautiful, I NEVER stopped moving forward.  My past has the "sound of my feet upon the ground." I've carried on. 

I am a graduate. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am so proud of what I've accomplished. I've carried on. 

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Jamie said...

Congratulations!! I love you so much and am proud to call you my friend!

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