Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! I just love it. Our anniversary is the day after Valentine's Day, so our vision has always been that V-Day will be a family friendly holiday, where we encourage love and friendship, while the next day is our Rebecca and Tony alone time/date night. That was our plan even before we had kids!! How fun, right?!?!

 Every year for the past five years we have dined at home, choosing the classiest of all classy Valentine's meals: the heart-shaped pizza! This year while we ate our favorite Valentine's dinner, Easton looked down at a stray olive and said, "HAT!" He took his hat obsession to a new level by placing that stray olive right on top of his head. It looked like a tiny Yamaka. Honestly, it was one of his cutest and most unique moments of Easton's toddler-hood. (I usually don't condone food play, but this was just too fun, quirky, and cute...)

I bought Tony what could only be considered the BEST V-Day gift of all time...a gift bag full of Vintage T-Shirts. This man loves tee's.  His tee-shirt obsession rivals Easton's hat obsession. He is constantly on a quest for "the perfect guy tee-shirt." Tony got four tee-shirts closer to finding the Holy-Grail of tee's tonight. 

Tony wrote me a beautiful card, and then surprised me with an amazing letter written to a Easton all about me- his mama. It was truly a surprise and the sweetest gift I could ever receive...especially because every gift that Tony buys me, I return. (Not because I don't like his effort, but because I truly believe that if I don't LOVE something I shouldn't keep it. Store credit is also a great gift :)

For Valentine's Day last year, we sent out cards to all of our friends and family. Remember when Easton was so small?!?!? I can't wait to have another one...

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