Thursday, February 7, 2013

Productive naps???

What do you do while your little one naps? I'm so curious because these days I seem to be so unproductive that I might as well be napping, too....

Lately, as soon as Easton goes down, I hop into my favorite bedroom chair (or my comfy bed) get on my computer and browse the internet, write, send out work emails (which is productive, I suppose), read, and watch TV shows on Sometimes I make myself a little snack- but most of the time I just chill.

 I've been rather tired (but good, tired) lately; writing for Shop Addicts and handling the press (which I love), working part time as an Event's Coordinator, dieting (always), parenting Easton, parenting Tony (LOL), so on so forth. So, I  like to VEG while I have a break from Baby. Lay like broccoli. Chill like cucumber.

Should I feel guilty about to much vegging out....because I do. Today, I'm spending all of E's nap going over the last 3 months of our expenses. I've created a pretty AMAZING budget/actual expense form, and I'm putting it to use. Which is not vegging. It's actually pretty productive, if I do say so ma-self.

So...what do you do during your Little's naps?!?! My friend, Christine has always inspired me. She does housework, cooks, folds laundry, etc. during her babies naps (and has for years, it's not just a fluke- she is SOOOOOOO productive!!). Sometimes when I'm at home doing nothing while E sleeps, I think WWCD. (Aka- What would Christine do.) And then I usually get out of my bed and start a load of laundry, get started on cooking dinner, or mop the floors.

I'd love to hear your feedback!!

PS- one of my favorite nap-time tricks is to get Easton back into his jammies. He always seems to sleep better when he's in his jammies!! Try it!!

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cpnavy09 said...

best way to get them to nap is put them back in pjs or what we like to call, "comfy clothes." Aiden always slept better in them, and he napped good till 5 years old. I think being productive during naps is great! I try to always do something during naps, even if its just one thing. But remember that if your body is telling you to rest, thn do it. The best wife and mother is a relaxed and happy one. Let yourself recharge when needed! Guilt free!!!!

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