Friday, January 18, 2013


Things have been pretty crazy for me in the last week. I am writing Press Releasees like mad, contacting editors, and working on the press for a Shop Addicts event in February. In addition to handling the press and writing for Shop Addicts, I've been acting as Events Coordinator for a mid-sized (local) company. Plus, I'm still trying to be a mama (and do it with patience and attention).
This week's developments in Easton-Land....
Easton has been saying his babysitter's name (Donna), he blows kisses, puts his little hand up to dogs noses before he pets (so they can sniff him out), and throws a ball! He has started to giggle with all his might, and it lasts for SOOOOOO long that it seems like he will never stop laughing, plus he gives kisses on the lips much more often than usual (which I absolutely LOVE).

He's a little sick today with the beginnings of a small cold. But, we still got outside for some play time! (He was leading me around the backyard by the tips of my sweet.)

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