Friday, January 25, 2013


 Easton has been a tad bit cranky this week. All is forgiven, as I have weeks like that too. Tony has been out of town so it's just been the two of us- and boy is it fun to have alone time with my toddler. We have been doing all sorts of stuff, including some water play this afternoon. Easton is using a lot of signs this week but has scaled back on his words. Maybe he just isn't in a talkative mood...I don't know.  He has a molar coming in, plus I've started letting him cry it out at night when he wakes up, instead of feeding him every time. Yes, I still feed that baby EVERY TIME he wakes. That is changing.

Easton has been begging for his toothbrush at all hours of the day (and has a little tantrum when I take it away), tries to slowly eat play dough (first a sniff, then a lick, then a nibble, then a BITE), and wants to skip dinner entirely and eat dark chocolate chips instead (who doesn't?!?). We gave him chocolate chips after dinner a week or so ago, and now stares and points towards the cabinet that houses those chips all through dinner. What fun.

A portrait of Easton once a week, every week in 2013.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

the mom-friend.

Easton has aided in adding a whole new relationship category to my life: the mom friend

 I have met (or reconnected with) six new pals since Easton was born (one friend I met in Nordstrom's nursing mother's room- a match made in heaven!). I just love developing new friendships, and can honestly say that I have a pretty amazing new possè. These women will (hopefully) go the distance and put up with me (and all my crazy-ness) as they get to know me even better! I just love that all my mama- friends have different strengths and talents- my friend Emma is CRAZY crafty, Erica is calm and collected, Shanna is such an attentive mama, and Shayne is hilarious and witty and truly knows how to keep her baby safe and calm! All of my friends inspire me to be a better mother to Easton. And I'm so thankful to them...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Tony and I just watched an awesome documentary called, Happy. The film was truly inspiring, and challenged people to find their own personal happiness. Happiness, the film points out, is composed of so many things. Personal growth, deep and meaningful relationships, and helping others, being the three most studied paths to happiness. Pursuits that don't result in more happiness?? Money, success [or] fame, and material possessions. They have actually studied this, ya'll!! I'm not sure about you but I automatically look for happiness (and contentment) in the pursuit of more stuff. Of course, it's never that obvious to's more like; "life will be fabulous once we're able to buy a house in our favorite little neighborhood...", or "it's such a special occasion, a new dress would make me feel more put together and confident!!"

But what I know, what my experience has truly taught me (and what the film points out) is that buying that dress is only fleeting happiness. Happiness as a result of new things, money, and success doesn't last. It just doesn't. Happiness that lasts is much more inward. It's helping people, making gratitude lists, learning something new, and doing what your passionate about.

This week, I've been truly inspired to spend time on the things that really matter to me; helping friends, personal growth (I'm learning to play the guitar and sing at the SAME time), and physical activity that makes me feel good about ma-self. Plus, I LOVE throwing parties and yesterday I helped a family member with her wedding vision (and I had the best time!!).

If you are interested in spending an hour and a half watching a really inspiring movie- watch Happy. It's fabulous. Plus, it's streamable on Netflix!


Friday, January 18, 2013


Things have been pretty crazy for me in the last week. I am writing Press Releasees like mad, contacting editors, and working on the press for a Shop Addicts event in February. In addition to handling the press and writing for Shop Addicts, I've been acting as Events Coordinator for a mid-sized (local) company. Plus, I'm still trying to be a mama (and do it with patience and attention).
This week's developments in Easton-Land....
Easton has been saying his babysitter's name (Donna), he blows kisses, puts his little hand up to dogs noses before he pets (so they can sniff him out), and throws a ball! He has started to giggle with all his might, and it lasts for SOOOOOO long that it seems like he will never stop laughing, plus he gives kisses on the lips much more often than usual (which I absolutely LOVE).

He's a little sick today with the beginnings of a small cold. But, we still got outside for some play time! (He was leading me around the backyard by the tips of my sweet.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 A portrait of Easton, once a week in 2013.

Easton: playing in his backyard with Molly and his baseball bat.

This week Easton has been active and adventurous. He hasn't been taking his usual naps, which makes for one tired baby come 6pm. He has added a couple of new words and signs to his vocabulary. He looked at a lamp about two weeks ago and said, "LIGHT!" Just like that, out of the blue. Now, he can't get enough of "lights" and loves to point them out. He also started walking backwards (with purpose) and twirling (really really fast). Everything this toddler does is fast. He is one quick kid.

Sweater, a gift from a friend. Moccasins, Freshly Picked. Legging, Carters.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year.

It's been a while since I've posted. I needed to take a break for a while to enjoy the end of December and beginning of the New Year. The holiday season was extremely busy for my family. We went through the loss of my dad, which was so hard. I graduated from San Jose State with my Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, celebrated three years of a really special milestone, celebrated Tony's birthday, and enjoyed Christmas and New Years with family and dear friends. Life couldn't be better right now. We have our health, the ones we love, and more material possesions than we know what to do with. I have faith and hope that 2013 will be amazing.

Here are a few things I'm focusing on in the New Year...

Spend less, save more.
Seriously do less spending on material things that I want, but don't NEED.
Continue to spend time outside EVERY single day with Easton; rain or shine (toddlers love to feel the rain on their face, you know!)
Write down milestones of Easton's more consistently.
Spend time exercising with Tony at least once a week. We really enjoy running together.
Make dinner a little more unique, and change up recipes more often.
Continue to work with Easton on French and sign language (He has about six signs in his repertoire!).
Make an effort to have ongoing text conversations with friends that are far away, especially Megan, Lisa, Jamie, and Melissa.
Get out to Seattle to visit Lisa and Rob.
Dance more often.
Listen to music that soothes my soul.
Practice playing my guitar.
Enjoy the outdoors through hiking, camping, and exploring.

May your year be full of health, happiness, and adventure. 


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