Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thankful for Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, Tony and I decided to head north to our friend's cabin and have a little family alone time. We aren't huge fans of the big family Thanksgivings...

We always feel a little wayward and out of the loop- so this year we took matters into our own hands and planned a fabulous Turkey day (sans turkey) for just the three of us.

The coolest part of Thanksgiving you ask? We ate what we wanted (fancy cheese and fancy French mashed potatoes), good quality (and crazy expensive) steak, and green beans; we relaxed, and we did it  ALL on our own time. Tony watched football, I read, we all explored the woods (E and I even got a little bit lost), and Tony and I did a little cooking (Oh, and Easton played the harmonica!).

The other thing that was really neat about this Thanksgiving: we were in Arnold, CA. This is a small mountain town north of the Bay Area. It is a place that I went to (or through) every year with my family for skiing trips and camping trips. The WHOLE weekend, I was reminded of my Dad. Everything around me, screamed "DAD." God put us there that weekend to enjoy memories of my dad, never knowing that he would die just hours after we arrived home from our trip.


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Plant Seeds of Happiness said...

love that you broke free from the large gathering I would love to do that one yr. :) I like the pic of your fav fellas!!

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