Monday, December 17, 2012

A Prayer.

The events at Sandy Hook Elementary are more devastating than words can express. I can't begin to imagine the sadness felt by family, friends, colleagues, and students that have survived this horrific event. This tragedy has illuminated the immense gratitude that I feel for the teachers in my community who love their students and would do anything to protect them; for my husband whose job it is to look after an elementary school; and for the little face that I got to wake up to this morning.

A prayer....

God, be with those who are heartbroken. Mend wounds, father. Wounds that are physical and wounds that are spiritual. Put a hedge of protection around those who are suffering. Protect the marriages and family units who are devastated by the death of a child, mother, sibling, or friend. Give peace that surpasses all understanding and help the families, that they might smile again. Heal the community of Newtown, this country, and the world...

Thank you, Lord for showing us, once again that we are a people who rise together in times of tragedy; to support, acknowledge, and lift up those who are devastated. For the souls of those who have been brutally taken, may you build a special place in heaven for their little spirits. Give them wings, that they may soar like eagles. 


Write a letter of support to Sandy Hill Elemtary:
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Newtown, CT 06482

(image from ABC News, website)

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