Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clearing the Cabinet: A food challenge

At church on Sunday our pastor encouraged the congregation to take a "$5 for 5" challenge. For five days, eat on no more than $5 a day (per person). He told his church that in doing so, we will eat in the same way as BILLIONS of people in the world. The purpose, you ask? To truly understand what it is to worry about the cost of food. To eat less and know the feeling of hunger, more. To feel grateful, TRULY grateful for what we have and really feel the gratitude for Thanksgiving's feast....

I am so excited to take on this challenge. I can't imagine the guilt I will feel about limiting the produce in Easton's meals (or mine for that matter). But here's the thing...most people in this world are UNABLE to offer their children a balanced meal. Maybe this challenge will soften my heart to the poverty that's all around me. Maybe I will understand the discomfort of seeing my baby shoveling down food because he's a little hungry, rather then the frustration at watching him drop food on the floor.

First things first. I grocery shop about three times a week so that food, especially produce is fresh and doesn't go bad during the week. Because of this constant grocery shopping we are never out of food. This week we will be going through our cabinets. Using ALL of that food that has been sitting unused for months. You know, the wild rice that is almost gone but not quite. The pasta noodles that are hanging around because I bought the wrong kind. The lentils that I haven't gotten around to eating. ALL the canned food (like beans, corn, and broth) that I never seem to use. Also, I will spend no more than $30 at the grocery store (where I will be limited in the produce, dairy, and fish isles). Next week, Sunday through Wednesday, we will grocery shop on the $5 a day per person- and really take the challenge on!!

I'd love to share with you, my readers about the recipes and menus that I come up with over the next week and a half. Maybe this will even inspire one of you to look through your cabinets and try to use what you have!

Last night's dinner:
2/3rds cup wild rice (that was all that was left, which was less than the 1 cup serving size)
1 Amy's Barley and Tofu frozen dinner (which I mixed together with the wild rice and split between the three of us)
Root vegetables (that I had in the house): brussle sprouts, onion, garlic, and fingerling potatoes with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and thyme.

If you are interested in hearing Pastor Bob's sermon on his food challenge for the church and solidarity with the poor, click HERE!

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Q and A said...

Roasted brussels sprouts are THE BEST! In fact, Quinn and I just had some last night with a little EVOO and vegetable seasoning. Put them in the oven at 400 deg. for approx 20 minutes (tossing them around at the 10 minute mark) = YUM! Good luck with the food challenge, Reb.


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