Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Easton takes far fewer naps these days. He has so much energy and wants to learn so badly (he's a sponge you know....soaking up all sorts of information all day long). I want his days to be full of imagination, play, learning, and fun. We play outdoors a lot. I'm really excited to be getting some soft soled rain boots so our outdoor play can continue during the rainy season. I can't wait until Easton feels rain on his face for the first time....that's going to be a pretty cool moment.

We also play indoors (of course). Yesterday I made Easton a dry "sensory" box with rice, barley, pasta noodles, milk bones, his favorite miniature animals, spoons, and measuring cup. He loved the box and played for a good 40 minutes. (Of course, I had to make sure to watch him, as he tries to eat EVERYTHING!)
 Today, we played with cotton balls. He loved the cotton balls. He sprawled out in the cotton as if he was diving into snow. It was awesome. (He tried to eat the cotton balls as well....) He really enjoys feeling different materials: sand paper, cotton, fuzzy blankets, dirt, etc. I love to encourage that kind of play....that's how he learns about the world, after all!

Do you have any good inside play suggestions?!?! Pinterest is FULL of good ideas for toddler play!

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