Thursday, October 4, 2012

celebrating ONE.

I had such an amazing time throwing my little guy's birthday party! I know that Easton had a fabulous time with all of his closest friends and family (about 50 people, in total) and I'm pretty sure our guests had a nice time too!

I decided to go with a "Picnic Chić" theme, since we were hosting the party at a park. The park we chose had a beautiful redwood tree area surrounded by grass, which offered shade and a perfect place to string up pictures of Easton throughout his first year of life. The park also hosts a full vegetable garden, orchard, and farm- with goats, horses, chickens, and pigs! I provided some chicken feed, so the kids could feed the animals, which I think they LOVED (well, most of them loved it).

We opted out of a Jump House and opted in for old fashioned fun. You know...hula-hoops, balls, kites, frisbees, and rolling around in the grass. Amazing. Call me sentimental but there is something really lovely about watching kids at play in a field with little more than a ball and some friends to keep them entertained.
The menu was pretty simple. PB&J's, melon and blackberry salad, green salad, bow-tie pasta salad, and ham and swiss sandys. You can't go wrong with sandwiches and salads. That's my theory, anyway. The kids had their very own "Little Lunch," which had Pirates Booty, cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, and organic fruit snacks. We also had a bucket of apples, in case anyone wanted a little crunch in their lunch.

Desert was made by the FABULOUS Colleen, who understands sweet treats better than anyone I know. She's amazing and I'm so thankful that she was available to bake deserts for E's party. She made mini cupcakes in red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate, and she made mini apple pies, which were OUT OF THIS WORLD. (I ate three that day.) Easton had an entire blackberry pie to himself. He just loves blackberries.  Alas...he didn't even take one bite. He got his hands nice and gooey but then was off to play with his pals. I didn't get any good pie face plant pics....bummer.

Once desert was over, we headed over to the animal farm where we all got to feed and play with the chickens, geese, pigs, and goats. (I would like to tell everyone that GEESE ARE MEAN little buggers- I got bit :(

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Easton's birthday! I can't wait to see what year two has in store for our should be very exciting!!

My boys... Be still, my heart.

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