Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thanks, Bob Dylan.

Well, last night might have been the most AWFUL night of sleep that I've had with Easton since he was three months old. This baby would NOT go back to sleep he was Up All Night (I love that show, don't you!) The whole night I was going back and forth to and from his room trying to soothe, comfort, and make him shut up. Seriously, nothing worked. I even gave him a dose of baby tylenol. Maybe I'm a bad parent, but he was so upset that I thought he must be sick. Medicating him didn't work either.

Bright and early we rolled out of bed, made coffee, ate breakfast, and started rocking out to Bob Dylan radio on Pandora. I'm so thankful for Bob Dylan. He and the gang (like the Beatles, Johnny Cash, and The Rolling Stones) always brighten up my morning (Easton loves dancing to their music too!) It's sort of, our morning sound track.

One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.

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