Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Be Cool.

I've been experiencing an uncomfortable level of anxiety lately. I've always been a little anxious, especially when I do something out of the ordinary like travel by plane- but it's been a little overwhelming lately (I even saw my doctor about it).

Maybe my anxiety seems more extreme now because I have a baby to tend to and the stuff that used to make me feel better isn't smoking cigs (yes, it's true- there was a time, not too long ago when I was a smoker). Working out is one of the best methods I have to relieve my anxiety. So, on most days I get out and do a little hike, jog, walk, or Daily Method!

Anyway, I ran across this poster and just had to buy it. It spoke to me. I think I'll hang it in a white frame just above my dresser.

Do you get anxiety? What helps you??

Also, a great article about ten things you shouldn't say to your child about food!

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cpnavy09 said...

I FEEL YOU ON THE ANXIETY!!! Mine starting rising during my pregnancy and has got really bad since sofias birth. I worry about every.little.thing! Its getting tough to deal with. Until i was pregnant this time, I never stressed over what Aiden did, but everything became a threat to his safety. I even started checking on him at night, not just to give him a kiss, but to make sure he was breathing! Seriously, I was scared my 5 year old would stop breathing at night, like SIDS could still happen. I am trying to reign in my anxiety but its hard. I am looking forward to be able to exercise again. I know going on a run will really help. I hope the DR was able to help!

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