Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food is FUN!!

A couple months ago I got some pretty fabulous advice.....

I was having a difficult time with Easton during meals. He seemed completely uninterested in solid food, and I was trying (without results) to get nutrients down that little throat of his. My friend (Jamie) told me, "Rebecca, don't worry about it. A great rule of thumb is 'Food is fun until they are one!!'" Honestly, this little piece of advice helped me so much!

Basically, the nutrition that babies need comes EXCLUSIVELY from breast milk (or formula if your so inclined) for the first twelve months of life, and solid food is just PRACTICE until they hit the age of one!

My friend's advice gave me so much relief. I get to look at meal time as fun- which makes me much less stressed out when he has eaten NOTHING on the plate (and really excited when I see him squeezing blackberries just to watch the juice come out!!)

On another food note: Tony and I work under the philosophy that force feeding is not a good idea (makes sense, no?). So, in order to encourage healthy eating, we put lots of different healthy food options down for Easton to try, and he goes to town (or not).Baby E won't choose french fries if we never put french fries in front of him.....know whattta mean?!?!?!!?

Last night we had BREAKFAST for dinner (that's always so fun, even for babies). I made Easton some oat bran pancakes and blackberries! He obviously loved his meal!! 

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