Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend SnapShots!

Last Saturday we spent the day at Tony's parent's house. It was a family affair....

Kathleen's brother, wife, and niece were in town from Manhattan Beach, her mama and step-dad were here from Oregon, and of course the locals came for the day, too! It was a  lovely family visit. We are so thankful for all the love, laughs, and good times that we share with these peeps. Seriously, I absolutely look forward to and enjoy days like these. Plus, we get to hear all about the Manhattan Beach life style and how things are going at Ric's posh hair salons... Hush. Hush. and Hush Up. 
(Do your family pics have doll heads in them....I'd guess not.)

(above, Ric and Tony and Kate and Easton)

(above, Cousin love and peek-a-boo under a blanket)

(above, Tony jamming, the girls, and honestly, the "Sapphire West" just won't quit.)

(above, I'ts SMORE time, people!! And, of course I wore my marshmallow roasting shoes...)

(above, I'm gearing up to create the world's best roasted marshmallow,  and Sophia went for it!)

(above, Kate and I getting our ROAST on, and Sophia really loved catching her's on fire, and Kate had a bite!)

(above, I just love smores, what can I say? and, Sophia and her mama loved them, too!)

(two of my favorite couples...Tony's parents and Uncle Steven and Nicole)

PLUS, we had a couple of bird sitings....

(above, A humming bird was stuck in the art studio, and can you spot the LOVE-BIRDS in the background??)

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