Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play Date!

Happy Hollow really is a very "happy" place. It's especially "happy" when we get to hang out with our friends there! Easton and I meet Emma and James once a week at Happy Hollow. It's a great time- Easton and James get to catch up, Emma and I get to catch up. Easton and James get to eat goodies and crawl around, Emma and I get to eat goodies after our crawlers. Both boys love to play and crawl in the big open fields (they just can't be tamed). And they love the petting zoo (we got to pet a donkey today!). And today we discovered a big playground, which the babies can actually hang with. They can't do everything- but they loved the rope latter!

Here are some pics from today's adventure! (PS- I'm really new at using my bear with me, ya'll)

*Extra bonus: Happy Hollow always tires my little guy out- so he's sleeping right now!!! Hooray!

1 comment:

Melissa Blake said...

What cute photos! xoxo

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