Monday, August 13, 2012

My Little Sleepy Head

Easton has never been a "good sleeper." Honestly, I alway get a pang of jealousy when someone tells me their baby sleeps through the night. He has slept through the night maybe 10 times in almost 11 months. Yes, I'm being absolutely honest. That's equivalent to one time a month. I know that I have a huge part in his night-time waking. I have been feeding him EVERY time he wakes since he was born. I guess your not supposed to do that forever.....

His sleep has never been great, but it was getting REALLY bad last month. I'm talking, waking up 6-8 times a night, kinda bad. I've never been so close to an emotional break-down in my life. I just couldn't understand why my baby was waking up so much. I visited this website, which gave a few simple tips on how to get your baby sleeping better. One of the tips was to put your baby down earlier (instead of keeping him up late to tire him out, which is what I started doing out of desperation- I thought, the more tired he is the better he should sleep....WRONG). I started putting him down AS SOON as he showed signs of "sleepiness." Easton rubs his ears, pulls at the hair behind his ears, starts getting clumsy, and spins in circles on the floor (he'll crawl in one direction and quickly change to the other direction, so on and so forth).

The nightly routine and 6:15 bedtime helped A LOT! He went from waking up 6-8 times to 3 times with that little change. Then, Tony and I started the Ferber method, on my friend's recommendation. The Ferber Method has helped exponentially! Baby E is not quite sleeping through the night, but he only wakes up once before morning!! Usually around 4am. So, he goes down around 6 or 6:30, he wakes around 4am (I feed him at that  point) and then he's up for the day by 6:30am.

Here is my next problem....he's been staying awake during one of his normal naps. He gets pretty cranky and just doesn't sleep!! Yesterday I said to my husband, "maybe I'm just not a good parent." Well, I was doing some reading last night and came across this article. It literally said [in reference to the normal change in nap schedule], "Doubts can mount during this time and you might lose confidence in your parenting ability." The article talked about the 8,9,10 month Sleep Regression. The end of the third nap is super normal and happens to [all] babies but they get a little cranky while going through that transition!! Duhhhhhhhhh. 

Parenting is hard, people!!! (But sooooo worth it) 

Our Nightly Routine goes like this:
-Bath time with Daddy
-Lotioned and dressed in jammies with Mama
-Brush teeth
-Book time (Daddy reads the book), while Mama nurses.
-Crib time, lights out, door closed...GOODNIGHT! 
-Mama and Daddy high five each other- another successful day at keeping a tiny human safe and alive....HOORAY!!!

Here are the links once again for your reference, these articles are chalk full of information about sleeping:
The Baby Sleep Site
8,9,10 Month Sleep Regression
5 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Night Waking


Unknown said...

Love reading your blog! I usually do so while brraatfeeding!

cpnavy09 said...

dont doubt yourself momma! That first year is a true test to yourself and your marriage, and you seem to be doing great! I remember at Aidens first birthday another mom gave me a gift instead of something for Aiden. She told me that this day was more about me than my little one. That I had done the work and we had survived because of it. So remember to give yourself a little pat on the back from time to time.
As for sleeping, I feel your pain. i think its the curse of breastfeeding. Aiden didnt fully sleep through the night till I stopped nursing after his 1st birthday. They want the comfort of their mom. Im glad to see that things are getting easier with just one waking!!!
For the naps, just be persistent and try to make them always in his bed and not in the car or stroller. Just put him down and if he isnt tired, he can have some "quiet time." There were times (some times weeks) through out the first 2 years of Aidens life that he would fight the nap. i kept trying every day and I am happy to say I still have a 5 year old who will nap.
Good luck momma! Your doing a great job!!!

red hippo said...

crystal, that is such great encouragement! I am putting him in his crib (even if he doesn't sleep) so that he understands that from 2-3 it's crib time./quiet time/nap time. I guess it's up to him what he does :)

I'm hoping for a nice little gift from tony...maybe a sapphire ring...xoxox

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