Monday, August 6, 2012

Being sick ain't easy...

I remember the days when I would feel a little under the weather and all I had to worry about was getting ma-self better. I would sleep in, take naps, eat hot soup, and watch only priority was taking care of me.

Above: a picture of sick me. It sure ain't pretty.

Sick days as a mama are a little different. I woke up this morning praying that Easton would nap well today. We hadn't even started the day and all I could think about was getting him and myself back into bed. I don't watch movies in front of my little guy, so I can't veg out in front of my favorite sick day movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (of course).  And, he has so much energy that I have to run around after him making sure he doesn't choke on one of the many things he shovels into his mouth. I have literally been watching the clock all day, just hoping that nap time is around the corner. It really is tough.  Making this exponentially worse,  I haven't eaten for the better part of three days- so my energy is waning...quickly.

I really really could use a nanny today....

*since starting this post, Tony walked through the door- like a superhero. Saved. The. Day.

Here is a really cute video of Easton- it's about a month and a half old. But, it's priceless.

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