Friday, August 31, 2012

Eminem, you sly little dog.

I wouldn't say that I'm the most competitive person in the world. But, when Tony starts doing seven mile runs out of no where....mama gets a little competitive. I'm pretty fit, but I really have a hard time with running. I think it's the boobs. :)

(above: Eminem, picture via Pinterest)

Anyhoooooo, I've been running twice a week on the track in  ma town. Last night I did two and a half miles, which doesn't sound like much but it's a work in progress. I was listening to good ol' Pandora  during my run and the song Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Eminem came on. I don't know why, but it really got me goin. Eminem has that effect on me. His music is pretty bad a*s. Maybe there's something to "anger" that motivates me (Hmmmm....). I did an extra half a mile because of that guy....I think my new workout station on Pandora will be Eminem Radio. That, and Jay Z Radio. Those two, they really know how to spit (aka, rap).

What station do you listen to on Pandora? What's your favorite song to workout to? Tony loves Radio Head during his workouts!!

Another song, that I love. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mom to an ELEVEN month old!!!


Easton is eleven months! He is doing so much these days, and it's been so fun to watch him grow and develop more and more every day. He is doing less "baby" stuff and working so hard at becoming a toddler. He's not quite there yet, though. He's still a baby in all the good ways....(I'm really not ready for him to "toddle" around....and I think I might be one of those parents who will need to use a leash on my child. He's quite quick, you know!)

Here are eleven tidbits about my little Easton-pie.

1. He has six teeth, two on the bottom and four on top. He can eat semi-real food now! He chews just like a big boy and it still amazes me to see him eat things like...a whole peach. Also, we are brushing his teeth every night before bed and he just LOVES the toothbrush and toothpaste. But watch out...sometimes he bites down on our fingers!!!

2. He crawls under things. Easton just LOVES to crawl under my legs, under tables, under chairs, he even crawls under miniature picnic benches- which are so low to the ground I can't believe he can get through.

3. He walks while pushing chairs. Easton started pushing my rocking chair the day he turned eleven months. It's so cute to watch him walk with pride with a little help from the good-ol' chair. We don't have any walker toys because I wanted him to do just what he did....use his imagination and skills to find something around the house to help him do what babies do naturally. He did it!!!!

4. He mimics us, kind of like a monkey :). Tony taught Easton how to make a sound using his hand and mouth...and he does it all the time! We'll be in the car (just the two of us) and from the back seat I'll hear this little sound. It's really cute. (Think... the way we would do the native American oooohhh...ohhhhh...hand to mouth sound when we were kids- that's the only way I can describe it.)

5. He has just discovered "hiding" under things. He loves to hide himself under blankets or curtains. He giggles and dances while under the material and then pulls it off and laughs at me!! It might be the most adorable thing EVER.

6. He has started jamming. He jams/dances to music now! As soon as I start singing or we play some music on the iPad, he starts bobbing his little body! We hope he has a musical ear and amazing singing voice (like his mama), but a good dancer is just fine too!!

7. He is still so little. I love that he is still so little. He is not unhealthy little. He's just right, little. Next to all of his friends he definatley has that baby look going while the others are starting to look more like kids. Sometimes I wish he was Peter Pan, (but with parents). I don't want him to ever grow up....

8. He drinks from a sippy-cup. I have started the process of weaning Easton from nursing, and in order to do so I have been substituting two feedings a day with whole milk. Easton takes the milk just fine, and he really likes drinking it from a sippy-cup. We didn't use bottles much (as I breastfed almost exclusively until we gave him solids at 7 months), so I didn't want to give bottles to him now that he is older and needing to learn how to use a cup. Anyhooooooo, the daytime whole milk thing is working out pretty well!

9. He is sleeping [almost] through the night! We were having a really rough go of it for a while, due to what we now know was a 10 month sleep regression, but we did a little Ferber Method and now he sleeps like a champ! We put him down between 6 and 6:30pm and he sleeps until 4:30am. I feed him at  that point and then he goes back down until 6:30!! Pretty good, I must say.

10. He has a bit of a mullet. His hair has grown so fine and straight (he has mama to thank for that) and it's sooooooo long in the back and still pretty short in front. Since that's the definition of a mullet- he has one. I didn't want to cut his hair until he hit two years old, but I think I'm going to have to amend that to one year old. I just can't bare the thought of "adult Easton" looking at pictures of himself as a baby and saying..."mom, why did you let me look like that?!?!"

11. He is still the sweetest baby around. My little guy has gotten fussier in the last two months, mostly because (I think) he wants to explore and be active constantly- he just doesn't want to be held down. BUT, despite those tantrums....he is still so happy almost all the time. He smiles all day long. Seeing that dimple and that open-mouth smile gives me goose bumps. He is mine. I'm so thankful and so blessed to have such a healthy, happy, and content baby who is thriving and growing EVERY DAY.

Also, I have to note that it's been really cool watching him discover things. Everyone says THAT when they become parents and I never understood it until now. It's pretty incredible to WATCH his little mind working around something that he is's probably my favorite thing about being a parent (that, and getting snuggles).

Remember when he was just born, and I was so scared about being a mama?!?!? It's amazing how much I love it. 

Easton at 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spending & Saving

The month of August has been pretty bleak in the saving department. For some reason, we just had SO many expenses. The problem (as I've said before) is not always the BIG expenses (like the carseat we had to buy for the little guy) it's the wasteful spending at places like Erik's Deli, Yogurtland, and Nordstrom.

In total I had six trips to Yogurtland (I told you, I'm an addict!!!), three trips to coffee shops, (one or both of us) ate out seven times when we could have eaten at home (when we eat out we go to sandwich-type places... at least they are a little less expensive :), and I bought two pieces of clothing for my trip to Vegas this weekend (one is a bandage dress from Bebe- it's sooooooo sexy!!!), plus a dress from Target and one scarf- just because I love scarves.....

So there you have it. You get to see this month's wasteful spending in a nut-shell. I think next month we'll have to do a little bit better....for our saving account's sake. :)

Honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself why I want a big savings account. My little baby doesn't care about what dress I bought from Bebe or whether my purse is this season's "it-bag."  Tony and I want to give our baby a really happy home, free of financial stress and worry....

Do you have a problem with wasteful spending???? Isn't it so hard to give up the little things.....some times those trips to Yogurtland or meeting a pal for coffee are the best part of my day...just sayin. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

One (Busy) Day, One Dress.

Saturday was a super busy day for me. It started with a hair appointment at 9am (with the talented and AMAZING Megan Wilson who works at Salon a Oz.). After my hair appointment I met my husband and babe at Addie's first birthday party (she looked absolutely stunning, that little baby princess) then I went to my God-sister's graduation (she got her Masters degree, ya'll!!), and then met Tony at Maggiano's with the rest of our family to celebrate Meg's big day! Whewwwwwww. It was a FABULOUS and FULL day. So full, I never even had a moment to change my dress. Luckily, it worked for all of the day's occasions!

(the birthday girl!)

                                                   (the graduate!!)

                                           (my other God-sis, Sarah!)

That dress is from Target! I bought it on Friday night, in the CLEARANCE section- for only.....(drum roll, please) $17.00!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play Date!

Happy Hollow really is a very "happy" place. It's especially "happy" when we get to hang out with our friends there! Easton and I meet Emma and James once a week at Happy Hollow. It's a great time- Easton and James get to catch up, Emma and I get to catch up. Easton and James get to eat goodies and crawl around, Emma and I get to eat goodies after our crawlers. Both boys love to play and crawl in the big open fields (they just can't be tamed). And they love the petting zoo (we got to pet a donkey today!). And today we discovered a big playground, which the babies can actually hang with. They can't do everything- but they loved the rope latter!

Here are some pics from today's adventure! (PS- I'm really new at using my bear with me, ya'll)

*Extra bonus: Happy Hollow always tires my little guy out- so he's sleeping right now!!! Hooray!


You know, not all days are great days. Some days all that I want to do is take a nice big dose of VALIUM. I get anxiety sometimes, people. I don't take anything for it- but some days, I really wish I did. 

Easton has not been napping (as I've mentioned before). He is so busy- always moving, moving, moving- that sometimes I can barely even take a breath. I haven't been able to get a lot accomplished during the day because he won't sit still long enough for me get a load of laundry (for example) started while he's awake. He won't be confined- so putting him in his car-seat, high-chair, stroller, or changing table is a fight... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (This started in his 10th month)

Honestly, I need a little R&R (again). Maybe even a job....

I've been seriously considering going back to work- in some capacity. At least then, I would have a day-care option (and a break from my little monster). Right now, I have nothing. So anytime I need to go grocery shopping, workout, or make an appointment E has to be there, right by my side- fussy or not (usually fussy, if he's being constrained).

Hopefully this is a phase....(it must be, right???)

*I have been doing some freelance writing and social networking. You can view some of my writing here!!! (It's been pretty fun)

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Little Sleepy Head

Easton has never been a "good sleeper." Honestly, I alway get a pang of jealousy when someone tells me their baby sleeps through the night. He has slept through the night maybe 10 times in almost 11 months. Yes, I'm being absolutely honest. That's equivalent to one time a month. I know that I have a huge part in his night-time waking. I have been feeding him EVERY time he wakes since he was born. I guess your not supposed to do that forever.....

His sleep has never been great, but it was getting REALLY bad last month. I'm talking, waking up 6-8 times a night, kinda bad. I've never been so close to an emotional break-down in my life. I just couldn't understand why my baby was waking up so much. I visited this website, which gave a few simple tips on how to get your baby sleeping better. One of the tips was to put your baby down earlier (instead of keeping him up late to tire him out, which is what I started doing out of desperation- I thought, the more tired he is the better he should sleep....WRONG). I started putting him down AS SOON as he showed signs of "sleepiness." Easton rubs his ears, pulls at the hair behind his ears, starts getting clumsy, and spins in circles on the floor (he'll crawl in one direction and quickly change to the other direction, so on and so forth).

The nightly routine and 6:15 bedtime helped A LOT! He went from waking up 6-8 times to 3 times with that little change. Then, Tony and I started the Ferber method, on my friend's recommendation. The Ferber Method has helped exponentially! Baby E is not quite sleeping through the night, but he only wakes up once before morning!! Usually around 4am. So, he goes down around 6 or 6:30, he wakes around 4am (I feed him at that  point) and then he's up for the day by 6:30am.

Here is my next problem....he's been staying awake during one of his normal naps. He gets pretty cranky and just doesn't sleep!! Yesterday I said to my husband, "maybe I'm just not a good parent." Well, I was doing some reading last night and came across this article. It literally said [in reference to the normal change in nap schedule], "Doubts can mount during this time and you might lose confidence in your parenting ability." The article talked about the 8,9,10 month Sleep Regression. The end of the third nap is super normal and happens to [all] babies but they get a little cranky while going through that transition!! Duhhhhhhhhh. 

Parenting is hard, people!!! (But sooooo worth it) 

Our Nightly Routine goes like this:
-Bath time with Daddy
-Lotioned and dressed in jammies with Mama
-Brush teeth
-Book time (Daddy reads the book), while Mama nurses.
-Crib time, lights out, door closed...GOODNIGHT! 
-Mama and Daddy high five each other- another successful day at keeping a tiny human safe and alive....HOORAY!!!

Here are the links once again for your reference, these articles are chalk full of information about sleeping:
The Baby Sleep Site
8,9,10 Month Sleep Regression
5 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Night Waking

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spending & Saving

I am a SUCKER for Janie & Jack. Easton looks amazing in that "east coast" preppy's just his styyyyle.  Yesterday I was online "browsing" for an outfit fit for a birthday boy. I stumbled across two super cute "fits," then clicked my way to the checkout.

Right before I made my final purchase I decided that the birthday boy only needs one [extremely] cute birthday outfit (and maybe one cake eating onesie). So, I removed one of the items. Instead, I'll transfer that skrilla ($17.99) into my savings! Say, whaaattttttt!!!

This is the outfit I kept!

He really will look like a cutie-pie in this outfit, don't cha' think????

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spend less, SAVE MORE.

Tony and I find ourselves in a territory that so many young families are in these days- this territory is located somewhere between a huge savings account and buying whatever we want, whenever we want it. (Remember when I wrote about this before?) When I go through our monthly expenses the same question comes up month after month, year after year: "where did all our money go?"  It's not that I'm buying Louis Vuitton and Gucci every month and Tony isn't either. The money that goes to "waste" tends to be the money that is spent on small, easily avoidable purchases- not the long thought out (camera, like) purchases. The money spent on small transactions like Starbucks, Yogurt Land, H&M, and Target is what's biting us in the savings account (so to speak). We need that savings account because we have dreams. Dreams of things like buying a home and going to Paris, you see...

Above: Picture taken from Pinterest, photographer unknown. 

In an effort to make a significant impact on our "wasteful" spending habits, I've decided to start a column where I will discuss the small purchases we've made, or the small purchases we've forgone in an effort to build up the small but mighty savings account that we already have.

Here are the guidelines of my column:

I will write about little purchases I make, daily or otherwise. If I have decided against buying/spending in an effort to save instead, I will transfer the amount of that item into my ING Direct savings account. Let me make this very clear. I won't be writing about items that I've decided against buying because my taste has changed, or I decided I didn't want it after all. I'll only write about stuff I want to buy, but would rather see that money in the bank....

Every so often, I will give ya'll a running tally of what I've saved. I really think this exercise could get interesting. And, as an extra bonus- ya'll will get a glimpse of my taste in clothes, knick-knacks, and everything else my little heart desires from moment-to-moment.

I have to say, I am most inspired by people in my life who make a conscious effort to save money, spend less, or wait until they have the money saved to buy a specific item. It's those people who give me motivation and make me want to do things differently. It's not about making more money, it's about saving more money. If I never get the "wasteful" spending under control, it doesn't matter how much "skrilla" we bring in each month- we'll always spend it. 

We really want to give this baby a super cool home to grow up in, you know...

Wish me luck, people!!! Also, if you think this is an interesting column, let me know and follow my blog! (or share my little corner of the web with your pals)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A friendly visit!

Today, Easton and I stopped by Kathy's house for a little visit. Kathy took some pictures of Easton (for his first birthday invitation) and we sipped soy espresso that she made with her fancy espresso maker. It's always fun to have a quick check-in with one of my closest friends. After we chased Kona (her doggie) and Easton around the house and got sufficiently caught-up on our latest happenings- E and I left (with a couple of pretty cute pics, if I do say so ma-self).

I'm so excited because YESTERDAY I ordered a pretty amazing should be here shortly! First comes the camera body, then the camera lenses- it's get expensive, people!!!  (one thing at a time...)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Being sick ain't easy...

I remember the days when I would feel a little under the weather and all I had to worry about was getting ma-self better. I would sleep in, take naps, eat hot soup, and watch only priority was taking care of me.

Above: a picture of sick me. It sure ain't pretty.

Sick days as a mama are a little different. I woke up this morning praying that Easton would nap well today. We hadn't even started the day and all I could think about was getting him and myself back into bed. I don't watch movies in front of my little guy, so I can't veg out in front of my favorite sick day movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (of course).  And, he has so much energy that I have to run around after him making sure he doesn't choke on one of the many things he shovels into his mouth. I have literally been watching the clock all day, just hoping that nap time is around the corner. It really is tough.  Making this exponentially worse,  I haven't eaten for the better part of three days- so my energy is waning...quickly.

I really really could use a nanny today....

*since starting this post, Tony walked through the door- like a superhero. Saved. The. Day.

Here is a really cute video of Easton- it's about a month and a half old. But, it's priceless.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mom to a 10 month old!!!

Easton is more like 10.5 months now!! (It's been a really really busy month, so I'm just getting around to this post now). Baby E is doing all sorts of tricks. He just can't contain all his energy in that little body of his. I am definitely a mom to a BOY. This baby boy is rambunctious and challenging. Challenging but amazing. I feel grateful every day that my little guy has the physical ability to be active, there are so many babies who don't. His rambunctious behavior is a sign that he is growing and THRIVING. Thank, God.

Here are 10 tidbits about my little Easton in his 10th month of life!

1. He absolutely HATES getting his diaper changed or getting dressed. I think it's because he has gotten so active and anytime he needs a change, he forced to stay still. He wants to be free!!!

2. He LOVES nursing. Just when I am getting ready to start the process of weening this baby, he has started to WANT to nurse all the time. C'est la vie.

3. He HATES getting into the car seat. I believe it's for the same reason as #1. I think he'd rather be crawling, wiggling, and moving around.

4. He doesn't enjoy grass. I took him to the park a couple of weeks ago and couldn't understand why he wasn't crawling his little tail off. All of a sudden it occurred to my friend and I that he didn't like the feeling of grass. Low and behold, he was trying to lift his hands and knees off of the grass at the same time- trying not to touch it. It was actually, pretty cute. (I don't like grass either!!)

5. He isn't a very big eater. I've been encouraging Easton to eat on his own a lot more lately (as opposed to spoon feeding) and he gets "over-it" pretty quickly. Luckily, everything I put in front of him is healthy, so he's getting all the nutrients he needs.

6. He has started to pull himself up! He even walks a little bit while holding on to things like an ottoman and the couch. This started a little bit after he turned 10 months.

7. Easton really likes old men. I don't know what this is about- but wherever we go, he always finds the oldest guy around and gives him a HUGE smile. Honestly, he won't take his little eyes off of the old guy until we're out of sight. It's really cute.

8. He has started to get a little fussy. For the first three months of Easton's life, he had colic- so he cried a lot. Once he hit four months, it was like he forgot how to cry. He NEVER cried. Now, well, it's a different story. He gets a little more fussy. Maybe it's because he has more of a "say" in what he's up to. I think he just wants what he wants, when he wants it. Makes sense.

9. He crawls with (what we affectionately call) a peg leg. It's actually very smart. He puts his foot down on one side and uses his knee on the other side. It gives him more momentum, so he can really get around quite quickly. My little baby genius. :)

10. He still has that "light-hearted," good natured spirit, that he has always had. He really is a very delightful baby. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mama. People stop us [almost] wherever we go to compliment us on what a happy and content baby we have. That, my friends...that is pretty cool!

*I had to put his 10 month sticker on his back, because it's really hard to get him to stay still for a front picture- he just won't be pinned down. 
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