Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Land of Nod Outlet, Oh my!

We are still on a little family trip to Chicago! Right now, we're staying in a little town called Naperville. This town is so cute. It's a small-ish town West of Chicago and it's seriously fabulous.

While on a drive through the beautiful neighborhoods, we stumbled on an amazing little find.... The Land of Nod Outlet!!! There is only ONE of these in existence. I found it. I shopped it. And I loved it! I would make an annual pilgrimage to Naperville just to shop at this store. 

This town doesn't just have The Land of Nod Outlet. It is beautiful. It's full of tree lined streets, big and beautiful homes, friendly people, The Daily Method (a workout class that I have just started to get in to), and FIRE-FLYS!! Yes folks, fire-flys. Tony and I are huge fans of fire-flys.

I know that the grass is sometimes greener on someone else's lawn, but this town seems like a perfect place to raise a family. I can imagine Easton running through the forest preserve, dipping his little toes along the River Walk, and swimming in the HUGE pool that was once an old quarry (the quarry supplied many of the buildings in Naperville).

Also, I wouldn't mind living so close to Chicago. That city is amazing. It's clean, fast paced, and friendly. You just can't get much better than that. Oh yes....and Chicago is the third home to one of my favorite stores, Top Shop.

I bought a pretty awesome skirt at Top Shop...more on that later! 

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