Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kathy's Wedding

What can I say about Kathy's wedding??? It was beautiful. It was magical. It was whimsical (chandeliers hanging from tree branches? VERY whimsical) It was a fabulous venue filled with fabulous people celebrating a FABULOUS couple. 

I was so honored to be a part of Kathy's day. She was not only BEAUTIFUL but she was the most calm and put-together bride that I have ever been around (myself included), which made the day THAT much more amazing.

We got ready in the morning/early afternoon at her rental house (which was so awesome, Tony and I are going to stay there some time very soon). Once we were in the car and on the way to the location- I started to get some butterflies in my tummy...you know, it was all just so exciting!!

 Above: a seriously cute front door (the rental in San Luis Obispo)

I was asked to read a poem at the ceremony, which I got choose (now that's pressure, people!!!). I cry every time I read E.E. Cummings', I Carry Your Heart . So, I figured I would make it really  hard on ma-self and read that one (luckily, I held it together).

After the ceremony we took pictures, during which my friends and I came up with a nickname for my "model persona" (which I have been doing around the camera FOR YEARS): Sapphire West. That's ma name. Beyonce is Sasha Fierce....I'm Sapphire West. It works!

above: that's ma Sapphire West pose (and Tony's too, I guess)

Once pics were finished, we ate a fabulous meal and danced the night away! The best part of this wedding was spending so much time with my closest friends. I got to hang with all my peeps all day and night. There is absolutely nothing better than spending the day with those you love most! (Tony and I got a few slow dances in as well...hubba, hubba!!)

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