Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home, Sweet Home.

I'll share all about my trip to Chicago in due time, but for now I have to write about our arrival and our lovely little hotel. First and foremost, I am so impressed by my baby and my husband. They are both so easy going- it really makes traveling so delightful.

My hub and I have this thing- we always clean our house, make our bed, etc. right before we leave for a trip. We do this, because coming home to a clean house and a made bed is AMAZING....especially after a really long (10 day) vacation. There is nothing better than getting into our own bed after a long getaway- and it's even more fabulous with fresh sheets and fluffed pillows. It's kinda like coming home to a hotel room.

And on that (hotel room) note...

For part of our trip we stayed at the Allegro Hotel in downtown Chicago. It was so chić and boutique-ie. I love love love boutique hotels. Actually, while staying at the Allegro, I decided that Tony and I should stay in fabulous hotels more often. So then and there we made a pact to do a little more "hotel hopping." You know, weekend getaways to Carmel and Sausalitio ?!?! We are planning a hotel-hop  for August, as we speak!

We were a little worried that Easton wouldn't sleep well-being in the same room as us, and all...but he was so tuckered out that he just fell (Chris Farley style) face down in his pack and play. He couldn't even muster enough energy to let go of his giraffe. cute is that little guy?!?! Oh yes, and did you get a load of that leopard bathrobe? I totally rocked that. 

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