Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chicago: Part Two

The second part of our little trip to Chicago, we spent with my aunt and uncle. My mom's sister has lived in Naperville for years (they have recently "downgraded" to a home right next to Naperville) and I spent summers there as a child. Going back as an adult was an amazing experience. It really opened [our] eyes to just how beautiful other ares of this country are. We have lived in California (most) of our lives, and tend to believe the know, California is the best place to be (so on and so forth). But honestly, it's not. It's pretty amazing here in Cali, but it's not the only place to live and thrive. Tony and I envision our little family fitting in quite nicely in the mid-west. It's just so friendly....

Anyhoooooo- the latter part of our trip was spent shopping, eating ice cream, and hanging out with my family. We really loved our time with my aunt and uncle and enjoyed getting to know the suburbs of Chicago (we even got a little lost while exploring). My aunt and uncle have traveled all over the world, (I mean literally, ALL OVER) They have been to all seven continents. On a trip to Peru, they bought some plastic fruit ("because it just looked so real", said my aunt). Easton had a so much fun playing with it! He even got to take a banana home :)

My aunt introduced us to her dear friend (and neighbor) Jimmy. Jimmy is a fabulous woman (80 years old) who is married to Jesse, a fabulous man who is about to celebrate his 90th birthday. They were such amazing people and loved loved LOVED Easton. Jimmy would have babysat Easton, had we needed a night away.

 I have to mention that Jimmy owns more hats than anyone I have ever met. She has an entire walk in closet FULL of hat boxes that hold the most beautiful hats. Be still my heart.... (I really am a sucker for hats.)

As trips so often do, this one had to come to an end. We'll be back, Chicago...we'll be back. (Sooner than we might have anticipated...)

PS- the photo above....that's my travel hair. It ain't pretty. More on traveling with our baby, later. 

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