Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Veggie Bouquet!

Have you ever seen such a delicious, healthy, and beautiful bouquet?!?! My mother-in-law grew all of those veggies and decided to make a veggie bouquet that doubled as a Father's Day decoration and snack! What could be better? 

We noshed on carrots and radishes while sitting around the table drinking wine (diet coke for me) and chatting. We would just pull a carrot out of the bouquet, cut off the green, and dip it into hummus. We also dipped the radishes in butter. BUTTER!!! Can you believe that? I guess it's something that the French do. If the French do it...I do it. No questions asked. But really...it's very good. The radish and butter combo is rich and decadent.

In the morning, before heading over to Tony's parent's house, Tony opened up his gift from yours truly. I bought him really really fancy scotch glasses (Mad Men style) and these awesome ice cube trays (they make HUGE ice cubes which don't melt as fast and water down the scotch). I also gave him a framed picture of Easton and I, to be displayed with pride in his gigantic office.

On a more personal note...

Father's Day has been rather hard for me for many years. I was really happy to finally look forward to Father's Day again- by making it special for Tony.  Unfortunately, the day was still a little hard. I think I expected it to be perfect, now that Tony is a dad and we could celebrate him...but the reality is, I want to celebrate my dad too. So, I did honor him- in my own special (and private) way, and it was as wonderful as it could be. I miss my daddy so much.

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