Sunday, June 24, 2012

Style: Chicago Chić

Tony, E, and I are leaving for Chicago on Tuesday. I'm really excited about it my new packing philosophy. I've decided that I'm only bringing clothes that are in the blue, grey, black, and white world. That way, I can mix and match more easily. I bought some FANTASTIC shorts at H&M for $7, and these babies...I'll wear them a lot on our trip. They are loose, short, and cotton. Perfect for hot weather. I also found myself a navy cotton scarf that will be perfect for warm weather that cools unexpectedly (you just never know).

Black, white, blue, and grey work so well together...don't you think?

Travel Essentials:
-Crabtree & Evelyn: Nantucket Briar body lotion (travel size)
-tan wedges (they go with everything)
-black and white striped skirt
-Lululemon "Wunder Under Pant" (so so so comfy)
-light but warm cashmere sweater, for cool summer nights!
-Grey tunic by Vince. I can't get enough of this shirt. I absolutely LOVE it.

We are so looking forward to this trip. The one thing that I'm dreading...flying with baby. I've pretty much decided that I will bring lots for him to eat and just stuff him through the entire flight. Maybe that's bad parenting. I don't know. 


Brooke Arellano said...

LOVE the style breakdown. Also, love that you're featuring trendy, affordable stuff. A lot of fashion blogs just feature ridiculously expensive items!

GranMaCta said...

If you can get E to suck on something while taking off and landing, it will help his ears.... just in case you didn't already know ;-}

red hippo said...

thanks for the advice Deb! (we did it, and it worked!)

Brooke! I'm so glad you liked my little style section. More to come. PS- I absolutely love your blog. xo

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