Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kathy's Bridal Shower!

Because it's officially been two weeks and four days since Kathy's bridal shower, I thought it was about time to post some photos! The theme was "chić backyard picnic," which I think we pulled off quite well.

I have to say. I've been to a lot of parties. I've even had a few parties thrown in my honor. I think my all time favorite parties are the ones that I throw. Maybe it's because I have control, maybe it's because I like to decorate, maybe it's because I get lost in making other people comfortable- but I absolutely love putting on a good shin-dig. Here's the biggest reason I love it- I get to give a good friend a gift that will last a lifetime.

The menu was, Mac and Cheese, green beans, chicken &veg shish-kababs, fruit salad, and PB&J sandys! Desert was home-made peanut butter pie, key-lime pie, blackberry pie, and chocolate chip cookies! So amazing. And yes, all the food was made with love by Kathy's team of bridesmaids. :)

I know that Kathy loved her shower. Myself and some other fabulous women were able to give Kathy this gift, and it was the least we could do. She, is a pretty amazing friend to us.

 *Kathy is listening to me give a little toast in her honor!

Also, we had so much fun on this HOME-MADE photo booth. A big thanks to my Tony and father-in-law for helping out with it!

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