Friday, June 15, 2012

A few things I love...

This week has been a little nuts around here. Easton is crawling with lighting speed, making my job A LOT harder. Plus, he's been really really cranky. I'm not quite sure why he's been in such a funk, but let me tell you- I'm ready to have "happy-as-a-clam" Easton back.

In leu of negative stuff that I could talk about, I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things. You know, things I love. Things that make me smile or put me in a "Rebecca" state of mind. Here is ma no particular order.

My LOVE list:
*getting my picture taken
*making people laugh
*yellow flowers

*frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles
*opening presents 
*buying gifts and watching people open (and love) what I got them
*Easton's dimple

*singing (and knowing that people are listening)
*getting in my car after a really good workout
*finishing a hike

*the massage part of the pedicure
*the cold side of my pillow
*Sparkling apple cider
*memories of my pregnant belly

*New York City in the fall
*New York City in the winter, spring, and summer
*watching movies with Tony on a Saturday afternoon
*a fire in the fireplace
*memories of my dad that make me smile
*every single Britney Spears song, accept "Not a girl, not yet a woman" (that song is horrible)
*Being on stage
*the way E's hair is starting to look like Alfalfa's from The Little Rascals

*Getting my make-up done
*stealing a sample from Whole Food's bulk section EVERY single time I go (which is like 3 times a week)
*The Real Housewives of New Jersey, New York, and Beverly Hills. 
*My morning coffee
*My in-law's backyard

So there you have it, folks! A few things I love. What are some of yours??? Baby cheeks? Crisp white shirts? Fresh Flowers?? Do tell...

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