Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Visit

One of my closest friends in the whole wide world just had a baby!! I was so excited to visit little Georgia Claire today. On our visit, I learned two things: Easton is mesmerized by newborn babies and the Vega's are the most easy going parents of a newborn baby, that I have ever met. It's like, Monica and Gabe just rolled out of bed and were like...."no big deal, we just have a tiny human to look after." I mean....remember when I had Easton?!?! I was kinda a wreck (at least for the first two weeks or so). Maybe that's what I love most about Monica. Nothing phases her. She is so easy going, so wonderfully content. She's tired, but she's not complaining. She's new to this mama bit, but she's not crying. She's just...hanging with her baby girl. I admire that so much.

Monica is a wonderful mama (I knew she would be). She looks the part. And her baby is just beautiful. I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives watching our "babies" play together (and maybe get married :)


Easton really loved Georgia...can't you tell?!?! He was trying to get his grimy little paws on her and everything. 

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Unknown said...

you are so sweet! I'm glad that we appear to have it all together, because we are still figuring things out every day. and I'm not gonna lie, i had a mini melt down the night after you left. but all in all, things are going pretty well. can't wait for you and easton to come visit!

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