Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mom to a nine month old...

Easton turned 9months old on June 19th. It’s been a whirlwind month for us, with Father’s Day, the end of Tony’s  school year, and getting ready for our big trip to Chicago. But, in the midst of every day challenges and excitements, Baby E was making some bit strides in becoming a little more grown-up. Here are nine tid-bits of Easton’s ninth month on earth…

1.     Easton bleeds, and bruises. Now that E is getting around with the speed of light, he tend to ding himself up a bit- especially when he starting to get a little tired and clumsy. He gave himself a bloody nose on my friend’s hard wood flood. He just rammed his little nose right on the floor. Poor little guy.

2.    Easton crawls on hands and knees. In his eighth month of life, Easton mastered the skill of “army crawling,” but it wasn’t until nine months that he started to use both hands and knees. A very important distinction, I must say. He is getting around a lot faster now!

3.     Easton’s favorite toys just happen to be those “no-no/off limits” things…you know, like cords and outlets. For some reason, this child just goes right for lamp cords. When Tony gets home from work he is always stunned to see cords draped over curtain rods (just my little way of keeping them out of reach). One time, he nearly pulled a lamp down on his head- luckily, mama caught it just in time!

4.    He can get a little cranky. Between three and nine months, Easton was the most chill, light hearted little baby I’ve ever seen. Once he hit nine months, he learned how to cry a little bit to get his way. He’ll just sit on the ground and start to cry….I mean, for no reason. That’s new. Luckily, it doesn’t happen often, but for a solid week it was a common occurance in our house.

5.    He had one instance of “stranger” fright. He is handed off to people pretty easily, but one evening he got a little upset when I handed him off to my friend’s fiancé. I’m not quite sure why it happened, but ever so slowly, Easton’s lip started quivering, his eyes lids started to open and close with a quickness, and all of a sudden he was in an all out sob. Poor Joe must have thought he did something wrong….(he didn’t :)

6.    He eats with his fingers (more than just puffs). I have gotten a little bit away from spoon feeding E and I’m trying to encourage more hand to mouth eating. Puffs (like cheerios) are pretty easy to get in his mouth, but slippery things like bananas and beets have taken some getting used to. But, he’s doing a great job! And, I think he’s really enjoying the independence of feeding himself.

  .    He can go down to sleep with Daddy (and well, too). On Tuesday and Thursday nights I am taking a self defense class (how cool is that?!?!!) and Tony is responsible for putting Easton to bed. I was a little nervous at first, but Easton is going down just fine with his Daddy! I think it’s great for him to get used to going to bed without his Mama, anyway. It gives both of us a little independence from one another. Independence is always a good thing.

8.    He has two teeth. His two bottom teeth came up at exactly the same time. One weekend when Tony was away on a camping trip, Easton decided to start teething. He was up every hour to hour and a half, three nights in a row. It was exhausting, but at the end of it, E had two little teeth. So cute.

9.     His favorite word is still “mama” (thank goodness, my ego wouldn’t be able to handle, otherwise.) He is getting a small repertoire of words, but his favorite and most often used word is still “mama.” He also says “dada,” “hi,” and “hi there.” Oh, and he says “de-de” which, in Turkish means Grandpa. So…he also speaks Turkish J

We were lucky enough to spend some time with my brother-in-law's parents (who are from Turkey). This is a picture of Easton and "Dede" ("grandpa", in Turkish)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Style: Chicago Chić

Tony, E, and I are leaving for Chicago on Tuesday. I'm really excited about it my new packing philosophy. I've decided that I'm only bringing clothes that are in the blue, grey, black, and white world. That way, I can mix and match more easily. I bought some FANTASTIC shorts at H&M for $7, and these babies...I'll wear them a lot on our trip. They are loose, short, and cotton. Perfect for hot weather. I also found myself a navy cotton scarf that will be perfect for warm weather that cools unexpectedly (you just never know).

Black, white, blue, and grey work so well together...don't you think?

Travel Essentials:
-Crabtree & Evelyn: Nantucket Briar body lotion (travel size)
-tan wedges (they go with everything)
-black and white striped skirt
-Lululemon "Wunder Under Pant" (so so so comfy)
-light but warm cashmere sweater, for cool summer nights!
-Grey tunic by Vince. I can't get enough of this shirt. I absolutely LOVE it.

We are so looking forward to this trip. The one thing that I'm dreading...flying with baby. I've pretty much decided that I will bring lots for him to eat and just stuff him through the entire flight. Maybe that's bad parenting. I don't know. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog stuff...

I've been thinking lately, that I really want to make some changes to my blog. First of all, I need to change the banner and streamline the aesthetic of my page (which, I might need to hire someone to help with). Secondly, the title. I came up with "Frosting, Marshmallows, and Silly Girly Things" on a whim. I just thought of two of my favorite things (frosting and marshmallows) and decided that the fact that frosting and marshmallows were the first things I thought of was a little bit silly. So there you have blog was born.

Here's the thing. I really want to create a title that is shorter and more meaningful. I can't quite put my finger on it...but a perfect title will come. Eventually. The other thing I really want to start doing- is a style section. My style. I think you (my loyal readers) might like seeing some pics of me in the clothes that I love. Once Tony and I get back from Chicago, I'm going to start that. I can't wait. I hope ya'll can't wait either....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Food: quinoa and carrots

I think I made some pretty fantastic carrot and quinoa baby food the other day. Easton, on the other hand, he didn't agree. He just didn't like it. I think he must have been a little turned off by the texture of the quinoa. Or, maybe it was the color. Who knows. But, in an effort to save the baby food- (who wants to throw away good quality, organic, and locally grown home-made baby food??) I have been adding this mixture to other stuff that I know E likes (like mushed bananas, YUM). It works like a charm. E's happy and so is mama.

I guess not everything I make is a home-run....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Veggie Bouquet!

Have you ever seen such a delicious, healthy, and beautiful bouquet?!?! My mother-in-law grew all of those veggies and decided to make a veggie bouquet that doubled as a Father's Day decoration and snack! What could be better? 

We noshed on carrots and radishes while sitting around the table drinking wine (diet coke for me) and chatting. We would just pull a carrot out of the bouquet, cut off the green, and dip it into hummus. We also dipped the radishes in butter. BUTTER!!! Can you believe that? I guess it's something that the French do. If the French do it...I do it. No questions asked. But's very good. The radish and butter combo is rich and decadent.

In the morning, before heading over to Tony's parent's house, Tony opened up his gift from yours truly. I bought him really really fancy scotch glasses (Mad Men style) and these awesome ice cube trays (they make HUGE ice cubes which don't melt as fast and water down the scotch). I also gave him a framed picture of Easton and I, to be displayed with pride in his gigantic office.

On a more personal note...

Father's Day has been rather hard for me for many years. I was really happy to finally look forward to Father's Day again- by making it special for Tony.  Unfortunately, the day was still a little hard. I think I expected it to be perfect, now that Tony is a dad and we could celebrate him...but the reality is, I want to celebrate my dad too. So, I did honor him- in my own special (and private) way, and it was as wonderful as it could be. I miss my daddy so much.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Visit

One of my closest friends in the whole wide world just had a baby!! I was so excited to visit little Georgia Claire today. On our visit, I learned two things: Easton is mesmerized by newborn babies and the Vega's are the most easy going parents of a newborn baby, that I have ever met. It's like, Monica and Gabe just rolled out of bed and were like...."no big deal, we just have a tiny human to look after." I mean....remember when I had Easton?!?! I was kinda a wreck (at least for the first two weeks or so). Maybe that's what I love most about Monica. Nothing phases her. She is so easy going, so wonderfully content. She's tired, but she's not complaining. She's new to this mama bit, but she's not crying. She's just...hanging with her baby girl. I admire that so much.

Monica is a wonderful mama (I knew she would be). She looks the part. And her baby is just beautiful. I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives watching our "babies" play together (and maybe get married :)


Easton really loved Georgia...can't you tell?!?! He was trying to get his grimy little paws on her and everything. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A few things I love...

This week has been a little nuts around here. Easton is crawling with lighting speed, making my job A LOT harder. Plus, he's been really really cranky. I'm not quite sure why he's been in such a funk, but let me tell you- I'm ready to have "happy-as-a-clam" Easton back.

In leu of negative stuff that I could talk about, I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things. You know, things I love. Things that make me smile or put me in a "Rebecca" state of mind. Here is ma no particular order.

My LOVE list:
*getting my picture taken
*making people laugh
*yellow flowers

*frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles
*opening presents 
*buying gifts and watching people open (and love) what I got them
*Easton's dimple

*singing (and knowing that people are listening)
*getting in my car after a really good workout
*finishing a hike

*the massage part of the pedicure
*the cold side of my pillow
*Sparkling apple cider
*memories of my pregnant belly

*New York City in the fall
*New York City in the winter, spring, and summer
*watching movies with Tony on a Saturday afternoon
*a fire in the fireplace
*memories of my dad that make me smile
*every single Britney Spears song, accept "Not a girl, not yet a woman" (that song is horrible)
*Being on stage
*the way E's hair is starting to look like Alfalfa's from The Little Rascals

*Getting my make-up done
*stealing a sample from Whole Food's bulk section EVERY single time I go (which is like 3 times a week)
*The Real Housewives of New Jersey, New York, and Beverly Hills. 
*My morning coffee
*My in-law's backyard

So there you have it, folks! A few things I love. What are some of yours??? Baby cheeks? Crisp white shirts? Fresh Flowers?? Do tell...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A screaming baby...

Some days are just not E's days. He is one of the most light-hearted and smiley babies on the planet, but even HE has bad days., is one of those bad days. He can't seem to get it together. He's tired, but won't sleep. He's hungry, but won't settle down to eat. He wants to be with me, but won't stay still in my arms. What is a mama to do? Right now, my solution is...let him cry it out in his crib. He HAS to go to sleep eventually, and when he does he'll wake up happy. At least, that's how it goes in my head....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Food: Oat Bran Pancakes...YUMMY!

Oat Bran Pancakes
Serving size: 1 pancake
Calories per serving: 120-140

My friend Linda shared an amazing recipe with me this week. Oat Bran pancakes. I know what your thinking, "I don't want healthy in my pancakes, yo!" But, these are healthy AND they taste fantastic. Oh, and their totally filling! They start my morning off right.

What you'll need:
-3 tablespoons loose oat bran (you can buy this in the bulk section of Whole Foods)
-2 tablespoons greek yogurt (I use the blueberry flavored individual sized Oikos yogurt and use the rest another day)
-blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries (yum)
- 1 egg

What to do: 
Whisk together egg, oat bran, and greek yogurt. Heat a skillet and use canola oil to make the skillet nice and slippy :), add the pancake batter. Next, add the blueberries to one side of the pancake while the other side is cooking. Flip and finish the second side. Serve and enjoy!!

*Note, these are not super sweet. The blueberries sweeten the pancake and so does the blueberry yogurt that I use. If you use plain greek yogurt you might want to add a tsp of sugar or splenda...if you so inclined...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kathy's Bridal Shower!

Because it's officially been two weeks and four days since Kathy's bridal shower, I thought it was about time to post some photos! The theme was "chić backyard picnic," which I think we pulled off quite well.

I have to say. I've been to a lot of parties. I've even had a few parties thrown in my honor. I think my all time favorite parties are the ones that I throw. Maybe it's because I have control, maybe it's because I like to decorate, maybe it's because I get lost in making other people comfortable- but I absolutely love putting on a good shin-dig. Here's the biggest reason I love it- I get to give a good friend a gift that will last a lifetime.

The menu was, Mac and Cheese, green beans, chicken &veg shish-kababs, fruit salad, and PB&J sandys! Desert was home-made peanut butter pie, key-lime pie, blackberry pie, and chocolate chip cookies! So amazing. And yes, all the food was made with love by Kathy's team of bridesmaids. :)

I know that Kathy loved her shower. Myself and some other fabulous women were able to give Kathy this gift, and it was the least we could do. She, is a pretty amazing friend to us.

 *Kathy is listening to me give a little toast in her honor!

Also, we had so much fun on this HOME-MADE photo booth. A big thanks to my Tony and father-in-law for helping out with it!

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