Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend SnapShots!

Okay, this Weekend SnapShots update is going to be quite sparse. I had an amazing and full weekend- but it was BUSY and therefore, there was little time to take pics. I, along with a few other women, threw Kathy a pretty awesome bridal shower. It was so fun, that the work that went in to it didn't even feel like work. Saturday's shower reminded me of just how grateful I am to have such good friends, and to be a good friend.

*not all bridal showers have hand-made photo booths, but this one did!!

Sunday was a day of rest. Literally. I was so tired from the shower that I needed some R&R. Tony let me sleep in a little and we laid low the rest of the day. We watched a really stupid movie with Justin Timberlake called In Time (I do not recommend), and we had an early dinner at Aqui in Willow Glen. I ate like a CRAZY person this weekend and need to take a fighter jet back to the world of healthy eating. I have lot's of pics from the shower, which I'll share with you tomorrow or Wednesday!!

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