Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tahoe or Bust!

This weekend was Kathy's bachelorette party. 19 girls piled into a HUGE cabin in South Lake Tahoe. The weekend started with snow and ended in bathing suits. It was truly amazing- and I know that Kathy couldn't have had a better time.

 I was so excited to join, but needed to keep my stay short- the baby needs me, after all. I arrived in Tahoe on Sunday afternoon. I caught up on all the shenanigans that I missed and enjoyed my 20 hours with some of my closest girlfriends. We went to an AMAZING dinner on Sunday night. I actually stuffed myself beyond the point of discomfort...and I kinda liked it. After dinner, we all sat around the "great room" and talked about our favorite memories of Kathy, Kathy and Joe, and how excited we all were to watch them join as "one."

*The bride!! (above)

My night in Tahoe was my first night away from Easton. He did great. Daddy did great. I did (almost) great. I missed my little guy (of course), but had so much fun with my friends that missing him didn't get in the way of my time (I knew it wouldn't). I think the hardest part of being away from the muffin was all the pumping I had to do. I did get a little teary eyed when Tony called after he put Easton down- he said "Easton just looked confused all day." How cute is that?!?!?! 

*That is one big group of girls!! 

One of the coolest parts of my little get-away was coming home to a really really excited baby. He was so happy to see me that he (literally) squealed with delight. I guess "absence makes the heart grow fonder." This was a really really good thing for me to do. I was able to get away, and trust that all would be okay with my little guy. Thank goodness I have such a fabulous husband and father in Tony.

That little baby...that's who I get to come home too. Lucky me. 

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KathyAlsup said...

Oh my goodness love ALL the photos and especially Easton's cute little butt poking out of your arms in the last one...so adorable! Love you Reb and so glad you trekked all the way up for one night!

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