Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day!

In lieu of a Weekend SnapShot update, I thought I'd focus on Mother's Day. We had a wonderful day, filled with family, food, and love. We spent the weekend at my in-law's house. Dinner on Saturday night was good ol' bbq and desert was from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Los Gatos (if you haven't tried a bundt cake from there, your missing out). The "after desert" desert...marshmallows!! Roasting marshmallows in the background- nothing better. (My father-in-law and I had quite the competition going on who's marshmallow was better. My marshmallows are lightly browed but melted all the way through, his are burned on the outside. Obviously, mine are better :)

Sunday was brunch. A beautiful, delicious spread- as only my in-laws can do. We ate goat cheese corn salad, salmon wellington, roasted potatoes, mini-quiches, and oh-so-much more! After brunch we drank bloody mary's (mine was a virgin) and relaxed. The weekend was marvelous! No complaints here. 

*that shirt was my mother's day gift. I picked, of course. I got it HERE!

 *above is a hand made stuffed toy of Paul Bunyan who morphs into his blue ox- Kathleen had him made for Baby E!

Oh, we also had a FANTASTIC family play-date on Saturday afternoon. Joe, Shanna, and Addison...I see many "play dates" in our future! I made THESE cookies for Shanna and Joe. Honestly, the cookies are a sure-fire way to guarantee a friendship...they're that good. 

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