Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lucky for us.

Tony and I are quite a pair, which is lucky, cause we're in it fo life!

Lucky for us....
-I think Saturday nights are best spent shopping at Target. So does Tony.
-I only eat bananas that are not-so-ripe. Tony LOVES bananas when they're over ripe.
-I like what Tony orders at dinner. Tony let's me have bites.
-I love to sing. Tony loves to listen to me sing.

-I hate putting trash bags in the pail. Tony puts trash bags in the pail PERFECTLY.
-Tony isn't fabulous at picking out gifts for me. I'm fabulous at picking out gifts for myself.
-I'm a backseat driver. Tony puts up with my backseat driving.
-Tony enjoys a good cigar. I enjoy it when he goes to the cigar lounge.
-I like to hike. Tony likes to hike with me.
-Tony likes to talk about all things luxury and "executive." I like to listen.
-Tony wants a new car every other month. I don't let him buy one.
-I would change our bedding every month. Tony doesn't let me.
-Tony's afraid of spiders. I kill them.
-I am easily tickled. Tony relishes the fact that I tickle easily.
-I love the model pose "La Tigra." Tony loves the model pose "Blue Steel."

We sure are lucky...

1 comment:

GranMaCta said...

I like you AND Tony, you let me play with Easton.
I LOVE Easton, cuz he lets me play with him.
I'm so lucky your family is in my life, cuz I really love you ALL!!

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