Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dieting and Saving

I was thinking today about dieting and saving money. These two things aren't really all that fun.

 Dieting is eating less of the things you love, eating none of the things you love but are TERRIBLE for you, and keeping track of the things you eat that you don't love all that much. Saving is buying less of the things you love, buying NONE of the things you really love but totally can't afford, and not touching the extra money you have left over every month.

Both dieting and saving make me want to cry. But, I can tell you this- nothing that I eat and nothing that I buy makes me happier than having money in the bank and feeling confident in my clothes. The people in my life who are successful with money and who have really amazing, healthy bodies- they work for it. They work really really hard for it. I'm learning to do the same. And slowly but surely the dieting and the saving are becoming a lifestyle- and it gets easier and easier to do them both.

Just a thought...

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