Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jammies Day

I have really been craving a Jammies Day. This day should consist of movies, snacks, and (of course) jammies. Let me explain...

Tony and I have made the decision to keep Easton away from TV until after the age of two. This usually works out perfectly, because I don't really like to sit down and watch TV durning the day. On those rare occasions when I want something on in the background (background noise) I'll put on NPR or a pod-cast of This American LifeBut recently I've really wanted a good old movie sesh. I want to watch Bridget Jones Diary, Emma, and maybe The Royal Tenenbaums (just to name a few). Maybe a girl's Jammie Day is in order...

Anyone?!?!? Kelley...I know YOUR in. :) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tahoe or Bust!

This weekend was Kathy's bachelorette party. 19 girls piled into a HUGE cabin in South Lake Tahoe. The weekend started with snow and ended in bathing suits. It was truly amazing- and I know that Kathy couldn't have had a better time.

 I was so excited to join, but needed to keep my stay short- the baby needs me, after all. I arrived in Tahoe on Sunday afternoon. I caught up on all the shenanigans that I missed and enjoyed my 20 hours with some of my closest girlfriends. We went to an AMAZING dinner on Sunday night. I actually stuffed myself beyond the point of discomfort...and I kinda liked it. After dinner, we all sat around the "great room" and talked about our favorite memories of Kathy, Kathy and Joe, and how excited we all were to watch them join as "one."

*The bride!! (above)

My night in Tahoe was my first night away from Easton. He did great. Daddy did great. I did (almost) great. I missed my little guy (of course), but had so much fun with my friends that missing him didn't get in the way of my time (I knew it wouldn't). I think the hardest part of being away from the muffin was all the pumping I had to do. I did get a little teary eyed when Tony called after he put Easton down- he said "Easton just looked confused all day." How cute is that?!?!?! 

*That is one big group of girls!! 

One of the coolest parts of my little get-away was coming home to a really really excited baby. He was so happy to see me that he (literally) squealed with delight. I guess "absence makes the heart grow fonder." This was a really really good thing for me to do. I was able to get away, and trust that all would be okay with my little guy. Thank goodness I have such a fabulous husband and father in Tony.

That little baby...that's who I get to come home too. Lucky me. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom to an 8 Month Old!!!

Baby E turned 8 months old last week. What can I say... "It's all going to fast?" Said it. "Being his mama is the most amazing thing ever?" Said it.  How about this: "I am better because I'm his." That...that right there is motherhood in a nutshell, folks. I'm kinder, gentler, more compassionate, and more patient. He makes me a better version of myself. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this life of mine is. Believe me when I say- 8 months of motherhood has changed me. So, enough about me. For this post, I think I'll focus on the Monster. Here are 8 little tidbits about Easton. 

Easton is rolling everywhere!! In month 8 he really began to develop his rolling skilzzz. He rolls from front to back (which he'd been doing for quite some time) and back to front (that's new!). He rolls to get places he wants to go. He even rolls off couches (whoopsi!!). He's a little rolling machine. 

He says "mama" and "hi" but he's no circus monkey!! He likes to say "mama" and "hi" only when HE wants too- if I try to get him to use his words when I want him too, it never happens. But I will tell you this....other people besides his mama and daddy HAVE heard it. I'm not making this up, PEOPLE!!! 

One tooth is starting to break through. The days of having a tooth-less baby are quickly coming to an end. In the last couple of days, the monster has started to teethe....and boy oh boy are we excited! I'm really looking forward to seeing him with a little tooth. So cute. 

His hair seems to change colors. Depending on whether he is inside or outside, his hair looks different. It looks like it's strawberry-blond when he's in the sun, and a kind of ashy-blond/brown when we're inside. I'm really hoping it stays in the strawberry-blond world. Red heads really do have more fun. 

He LOVES animals. Easton is seriously captivated by animals. As soon as he sees a dog or cat, he gets so excited and forgets all about dear ol' mama. He loves being licked by doggies, and I let them do it. Why not? Dogs mouths are supposedly cleaner than a human's. 

He loves to be tickled. I tickle Baby E all the time. He just giggles and giggles. It might be one of my favorite moments of every day. His laugh is contagious and beautiful. 

He still wakes up during the night (and I don't mind at all). I know that eventually I will sleep train the little bugger...but for the time being, I really kinda like waking up with him at least once during the night. It gives me a little bit of cuddle time with my guy. I will look back on those night time feedings/cuddle sessions with absolute joy. They are such special moments with my baby.

He has officially started crawling!!! My life just got a little harder. In the last week, my little muffin has started to crawl. He moves pretty quickly too. It's time to start baby proofing!!!

ANDDDDD....He drinks from a cup like a champ! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend SnapShots!

Okay, this Weekend SnapShots update is going to be quite sparse. I had an amazing and full weekend- but it was BUSY and therefore, there was little time to take pics. I, along with a few other women, threw Kathy a pretty awesome bridal shower. It was so fun, that the work that went in to it didn't even feel like work. Saturday's shower reminded me of just how grateful I am to have such good friends, and to be a good friend.

*not all bridal showers have hand-made photo booths, but this one did!!

Sunday was a day of rest. Literally. I was so tired from the shower that I needed some R&R. Tony let me sleep in a little and we laid low the rest of the day. We watched a really stupid movie with Justin Timberlake called In Time (I do not recommend), and we had an early dinner at Aqui in Willow Glen. I ate like a CRAZY person this weekend and need to take a fighter jet back to the world of healthy eating. I have lot's of pics from the shower, which I'll share with you tomorrow or Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dieting and Saving

I was thinking today about dieting and saving money. These two things aren't really all that fun.

 Dieting is eating less of the things you love, eating none of the things you love but are TERRIBLE for you, and keeping track of the things you eat that you don't love all that much. Saving is buying less of the things you love, buying NONE of the things you really love but totally can't afford, and not touching the extra money you have left over every month.

Both dieting and saving make me want to cry. But, I can tell you this- nothing that I eat and nothing that I buy makes me happier than having money in the bank and feeling confident in my clothes. The people in my life who are successful with money and who have really amazing, healthy bodies- they work for it. They work really really hard for it. I'm learning to do the same. And slowly but surely the dieting and the saving are becoming a lifestyle- and it gets easier and easier to do them both.

Just a thought...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day!

In lieu of a Weekend SnapShot update, I thought I'd focus on Mother's Day. We had a wonderful day, filled with family, food, and love. We spent the weekend at my in-law's house. Dinner on Saturday night was good ol' bbq and desert was from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Los Gatos (if you haven't tried a bundt cake from there, your missing out). The "after desert" desert...marshmallows!! Roasting marshmallows in the background- nothing better. (My father-in-law and I had quite the competition going on who's marshmallow was better. My marshmallows are lightly browed but melted all the way through, his are burned on the outside. Obviously, mine are better :)

Sunday was brunch. A beautiful, delicious spread- as only my in-laws can do. We ate goat cheese corn salad, salmon wellington, roasted potatoes, mini-quiches, and oh-so-much more! After brunch we drank bloody mary's (mine was a virgin) and relaxed. The weekend was marvelous! No complaints here. 

*that shirt was my mother's day gift. I picked, of course. I got it HERE!

 *above is a hand made stuffed toy of Paul Bunyan who morphs into his blue ox- Kathleen had him made for Baby E!

Oh, we also had a FANTASTIC family play-date on Saturday afternoon. Joe, Shanna, and Addison...I see many "play dates" in our future! I made THESE cookies for Shanna and Joe. Honestly, the cookies are a sure-fire way to guarantee a friendship...they're that good. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lucky for us.

Tony and I are quite a pair, which is lucky, cause we're in it fo life!

Lucky for us....
-I think Saturday nights are best spent shopping at Target. So does Tony.
-I only eat bananas that are not-so-ripe. Tony LOVES bananas when they're over ripe.
-I like what Tony orders at dinner. Tony let's me have bites.
-I love to sing. Tony loves to listen to me sing.

-I hate putting trash bags in the pail. Tony puts trash bags in the pail PERFECTLY.
-Tony isn't fabulous at picking out gifts for me. I'm fabulous at picking out gifts for myself.
-I'm a backseat driver. Tony puts up with my backseat driving.
-Tony enjoys a good cigar. I enjoy it when he goes to the cigar lounge.
-I like to hike. Tony likes to hike with me.
-Tony likes to talk about all things luxury and "executive." I like to listen.
-Tony wants a new car every other month. I don't let him buy one.
-I would change our bedding every month. Tony doesn't let me.
-Tony's afraid of spiders. I kill them.
-I am easily tickled. Tony relishes the fact that I tickle easily.
-I love the model pose "La Tigra." Tony loves the model pose "Blue Steel."

We sure are lucky...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend SnapShots!

1. A little quality time and lunch with my God-Sis at Left Bank in Santana Row.
2. Easton wearing his Grandpa's baby ring. It finally fits!! (how very Italian of him...)
3. Make-up party courtesy of All Up In Your Face!
4. Some really amazing and "fancy" french toast that I made for my book club meeting, recipe HERE!
5. One of my MANY model poses that I did after my make-up session. Tony is a good sport...and great photographer :) He took about a million pics of me. Zoolander anyone??? This pose is called, La Tigra.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's baby time!

One of my dearest friends is having a baby. I'm so excited, I can hardly contain ma-self. Monica and Gabe graciously let me take a few maternity photos of them, just to put some of my excitement to good use. I had a great time behind the camera. I liked it ALMOST as much as being in front of it. :)

Here are a few of our favorites!

Monica is one of the most BEAUTIFUL pregnant gals that I've ever seen! She just exudes pregnant-glowy-ness. Isn't she lovely?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easton's little tricks!

In the last week, Easton has really stepped up his game. He's doing all sorts of tricks! He is even close, and I mean REALLY close, to crawling. Also, he's been talking. Yes, I know what your month olds don't talk. Well, it's happened too many times to be a fluke. He says "mama" and "hi." Other people (besides family) have heard him too- I'm not makin this up, yo.

Other tricks: He's been rocking the "plank" position, and he's getting on all fours and moving back and fourth- working up the momentum for a couple short little crawls. Easton has also been doing this "growl"like sound- it's very "boy" and very cute. And finally, he's been rolling around all over the place! He also makes himself laugh- which is nice, because it really takes the pressure off me :)

 Rocking the plank!!

 Doesn't he look like he's up to no good in the pic above?? That little monster...

  This "growl" creates bubbles ALL OVER his face...

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