Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friends= Longer Life! HOOORAY!!

I'm pretty lucky. I have some amazing friends. I have known most of my friends since my elementary and high school days. Still, some of my friends have become a part of my life during college and beyond. My friends are important for many reasons. They make me laugh. They empathize with me. They support me. They believe in me. They challenge me. They give me advice. And, they are good for my health. 

I recently listened to a Ted talk on "Blue Zones," areas in the world where the life expectancy is higher than the rest of the population. One of these Blue Zones was in Japan. Dan Buettner (who was giving the talk) discussed the intense bond that the women in this small Japanese town, have with their friends. Some of the women have been in the same "circle" of friends for 80, even 90 years. This bond, along with some other key lifestyle choices, is believed to be a huge component in the long lifespan of these Japanese women. 

The Ted talk got me thinking about my lifestyle and how much my relationships add to my well being. I know that my heart feels better after I have had some good ol' gal time. I feel energized and grateful every time I finish spending time with my friends. I totally understand the importance of girlfriends, and I'm so thankful that I have some pretty amazing women in my life. 

Honestly, this post made me realize that I need some more pics with my friends. Every single picture taken was during my pregnancy. Anddddd....I have some other fab friends that I would love to have recent pics with. Take more pictures with friends...CHECK!

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