Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fit Camp

I was reading this month's issue of Lucky Magazine the other day, and came across a list of "resorts" that help you lose weight and detoxify for one week. These resorts  looked seriously amazing. I have a couple of weddings coming up (both of which, I'm a bridesmaid in) and I could really use a week of uniterupted weight loss and toning. Essentially, I want to go to fit camp.

These resorts are crazy expensive. They range from $3,800-8,000. I definitely do NOT have that kind of extra money laying around, and if I did, I would take myself and my husband to a resort Island. Not a resort "fit camp." But, I was inspired by these get-aways. I mean, why can't I do that in my own environment? Lucky Magazine did me the service of explaining- in somewhat great detail, the rundown of each camp. So, Tony and I are going to do it ourselves. 

The first week in July, we are going to dedicate 7 days to a hard fitness and diet regimen. That means (and obviously we will be consulting our doctor) 1,700 calories a day, 10 mile hikes every morning, followed by a yoga class. Then we'll have lunch and do one more fitness class. We'll get a massage every day (cause that's what the fit camps offer) but instead of a really luxurious one, we'll go to the Foot Reflexology places that are on every corner. Then, we'll have dinner, followed by a little meditation. Oh, yes, and during all of that, we'll be caring for our baby with some help from a part time nanny (who we'll hire especially for this project). Sounds good, no?? Tony and I are really committed to this idea. I think it would be really inspiring to see just how much we can accomplish in that week, i.e. weight loss, strengthening, decrease stress, etc. Plus, we'll be relying on each other to motivate and encourage. I think it's genius. 

If you could afford it, would you do one of these resort/fit camp getaways? I would, in a second. 

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