Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blue Day

Honestly, I've been feeling a little blue for the past couple of days. I had an amazing class on Monday and Tuesday, but I was so amped up for Blog Shop, and it was so intense, that yesterday and today I've been  coming down from my Blog Shop high. This happens to me sometimes. I get so focused on something BIG that's coming up (like a class or a trip) that after it's over I just feel a little down. No big deal. It goes away once I start getting back t0 my usual routine.

I thought I'd use my bad mood for good. So, in honor of feeling a little blue- I put together a board with some fabulous BLUE treasures.

1. Bedding from Anthropologie
2. Cobalt blue jeans from the Gap
3. Dior Nail Lacquer
4. The perfect blue bathroom. I tried to do this blue in our condo's bathroom a few years ago- it was way more Smurf than chic.

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