Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Style consists of much more than trendy "duds"(a.k.a. outfits) made by fabulous designers. Style is that polished look that only a well kept person and closet can bring. I have had seasons in my life where my priorities don't/can't include fabulous new clothes. It is during those times that I am particularly susceptible to feeling out of season, out of style, and unkempt.

Recently I have been feeling blue about my wardrobe. Some clothes are too big, other's too small, and some clothes are just tired...and probably ready for the goodwill. I have to take a long hard look at each article of clothing and ask myself...WWTFD? A.k.a., "What Would Tom Ford Do?" You know Tom Ford. The genius behind Gucci. The man who ventured off on his own to create an AMAZING self titled clothing line. I'm obsessed with Tom Ford. You should be too. But that's neither here, nor there.

*Photo Credit: Simon Perry for Harper's Bazaar

When there's a shirt that looks slightly dingy and really shouldn't be worn out into the real world....I ask ma-self, "what would Tom Ford do?" Answer: He would throw it away. My favorite pair of workout pants have a whole which can't be patched? "WWTFD?" Throw them away! There is a, not-so-small stain on a shirt that my husband just bought?? First, laugh a little about the fact that Tony should be wearing one of Easton's bibs, then... "WWTFD". GOOD WILL!

One of the many reasons that I absolutely LOVE good ol' Tommy is that this "WWTFD" applies to more than just clothes....

I step on the scale and I am up a pound or two..."WWTFD?" Answer: Eat fruits and veggies exclusively for a few days until I get back to even. (No really, he does that, and I think it's genius.)

I'm feeling drained and need to relax a bit..."WWTFD?" Answer: Soak in a bath and drink an iced coffee. LOVE that one!

Tom Ford is the epitome of polished and I totally admire that. One of my favorite things about fashion is that, even sans new outfits and trendy pieces, a person can still look amazing. A stark white shirt, good pair of jeans, a lovely little scarf, and non-scuffed shoes can look just as amazing as the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that I'm coveting right now (but can't even pretend to afford).

Tom Ford has taught me that there are a lot more components to style than just one really expensive designer outfit. It's making sure that the clothes you do have are quality and in uber-presentable condition. Structured pieces are important. Bath time is a wonderful part of the day. And looking good even when I'm all by myself at home (with Easton present of course) is important, because it makes me feel good .

Soooooo...grubby Juicy Sweat-Suit, you were once cute, now your too big and a little faded. You have to go.

Oh, yes...Just in case your interested in a little light reading about Tommy-boy- here  is a fabulous (short) article about ma main man, brought to you and me by none other than Harper's Bazaar!


Jamie said...

I do like his answers to things! I may start thinking WWTFD more often!

Sarah L said...

I seriously need you to be my stylist. :)

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