Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Style/New "Duds"

Okay, ladies. Here's the thing. I actually NEED new clothes. For those of you who know me well, you know that over the years I have sorta...well, made a name for myself- shop-aholic. Really. SHOP-AHOLIC. But over the last couple of years I have gotten better. Really, I have. I don't spend money on credit. I try to NEVER pay full price for new gear, and I try really hard not to spend when it's not needed. But, these days, my clothes options are dwindling. I have almost ZERO tops to wear, my smallest pants still don't fit and the bigger ones are too big. A blazer or cropped jacket was kind of a staple, a signature look, if you will- and now that I am carrying and maneuvering a baby, a structured jacket really gets in the way. So, with all that said- I am scouting out some new "duds."
 *That looks amazing. All those clothes....just for her!!

I have scoured sales racks. I am online "browsing" like a mad-woman..and I think I've found some viable options for new clothes purchases. I haven't pulled the trigger on any one thing quite yet, but I will soon. I really enjoy making thoughtful and informed decisions on what I purchase- that way, I never feel guilty about what I buy.

Here is a little list of my favorite browsing spots (both online and in-store) ENJOY!

ShopBop, it's borderline totally unaffordable, but the sales are pretty great!
ANTHROPOLOGIE, it's also crazy expensive, but they too have amazing sales. Also, their bags are beautiful and high quality...I hoard them. No really, I have a stack of about 10 that I have no idea what I will ever do with...maybe lunch bags???
I really like browsing at ASOS, it's an online store and it is right on the ball of RIGHT NOW fashion.
TopShop, this is a UK store but now they ship to US. Also, there's a store in New York that I shop at whenever I'm visiting my favorite city :)
Rushe, this is an online store. I have never bought anything from here, but I have friends who have and it's totally affordable. Downside, clothes sell out really quickly so if you see something you like- GO FOR IT!
I'm absolutely in love with Bloomingdales, and they too have great sales if you hit them up at the right time. 
I'm a huge fan of H&M, they are affordable and great for trendy pieces. 
I also, LOVE J.Crew but I literally get anxiety when I look at the price of their clothes. I make a b-line for the SALE rack!
I want a shopping spree like Julia's!!

Where are your favorite stores? Do you have any hidden gems where you are always successful? 

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Heather said...

OK, next you HAVE to put together a "how to be stylish and practical as a mommy" post telling me what in the heck to wear. I'm serious.

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