Friday, March 2, 2012


Sometimes I get so consumed with "what's next" that I forget about how wonderful things are, right at this very moment. I think it's important to stay grounded, to let your feet take root into that very place you are standing in life. Right now, right in this very moment, I may not have my dream wardrobe, my dream house or apartment (I'm a city girl, remember?), or my dream job- but what I do have is pretty wonderful....

*I have a husband who adores me, and looks at me with love in his eyes.
*I have a baby who is healthy and smiles, a lot.
*Every single one of my bills are paid.
*I slept on 500 thread count sheets last night, and I will tonight too- because I own them.
*There are four pillows on my bed, and when I get tired of one I switch to a different one.
*I have a father-in-law who doesn't replace my daddy- but he makes me feel like I'm his child.
*I have friends. Good friends, who love me and always make me feel supported.
*I am sore today, because I worked out yesterday. I am physically able to work out.
*Today, I woke up to my baby cooing- not crying.
*I got a new Mac Book Pro that my husband and I paid cash for....and I legitimately needed.
*My husband and I have the opportunity to save money and we are actually seizing that opportunity.
*I get to hang out with my husband and my baby this weekend!
What are you grateful for??? Sometimes it's nice to write those things get to see just how lucky you are. xoxo


Unknown said...

Girl, it is such a great feeling to stop and reflect on things you are grateful for and give praise to God for these blessings. Every few days, i jot down a few things I am grateful for and it is just a really uplifting exercise to do for yourself frequently. Count your by one..

linda lu said...

Absolutely adore what you wrote <3 xoxo

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