Friday, March 30, 2012

The Frascone's cure for the common cold!

Juice Plus+ has been a pretty neat little product for the Frascone family. We love it. It helps keep us nice and healthy. We originally started taking it because of a study which found major decline in vascular inflammation when Juice Plus+ was taken consistently for 30, 60, and 90 days. We keep taking it because in a very tangible way- we see improvements in our health. We have more energy, and have been able to fight off sickness faster...for instance:

A couple of weeks ago, both Tony and I felt a little cold coming on. We doubled up on Juice Plus+ for two days and...voila! The cold didn't get us.

Here are the What, Why, and Who that everyone should know about Juice Plus+:

What: Juice Plus is not a vitamin. It's food. It's been approved by the FDA. It's a capsule (or chewable) that started out as fruit, veg, and berries. The food is picked when they are vine ripe, juiced, and then the pulp and juice are dehydrated and put into capsule or chewable form. When taking Juice Plus+, you are getting a full days worth of fruit and veggie nutrients. PLUS, you are getting a full variety of fruits and vegetables that most of us just don't get on our own.

Why: You should take this product if you want to stay healthy even in the worst of sick seasons, you feel like you just might need a little more nutrient variety in your diet that you can't get on your own, and/or you  want to have prettier skin, gums, heart arteries, ect. :) It's great for kids and adults!!!

Who: Contact me if you want to get started! You seriously will be obsessed with this product. I know I am.

Here is an amazing Clinical Research resource if you want to read up!

Tony and I take the chewables, it's like eating candy every morning :) They are yummy for adults, even better for kids! Your kids will love them,

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augustyne7 said...

I LOVE Juice PLus+!! As a fitness professional, I recommend Juice PLus+ to everyone and anyone that I meet. You can't go wrong with it! Even those of us that actually do like, and eat veggies, we typically don't get 25 different ones in our diet everyday. If you're at all interested in Juice Plus+ - talk to Rebecca! It's good stuff:)

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