Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Honestly, I have been looking forward to making my own baby food since before Easton was born. I'm not quite sure why...

Maybe it's because healthy eating has become such an important part of my life.

Maybe it's because I actually ENJOY cooking.
Maybe it's because I wanted a shot at giving my baby whole, home-made, non-processed foods right from the start.
Maybe it's because I want to be able to say that I have prepared ALL of my baby's food, short of growing the fruit and veg myself.
Maybe, just maybe, it's because I just couldn't WAIT to use my HARD CORE KitchenAid food processor.
I did some research and found some of the best starter foods for my little monster. THIS is a great resource if you want to do some light reading on feeding your little one. We started with green beans and sweet potato- bought fresh, local and organic from the Campbell Farmer's Market.

I use Beaba storage trays to freeze the baby food!

I cooked two different types of food, but I only gave Easton the sweet potato. It's best to introduce foods, one at a time- just to make sure there is no allergic reaction...if there is, it's much easier to find the culprit!

Here are a few photos (in order) of Easton trying his mama's sweat potato baby-food!

 By the end, he was so in to the sweet potatoes- he wanted them all over his face! What a cutie-pie, no? 

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