Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Boot Camp

Let's face it. After having a baby, saying "farewell" to the extra baby weight can be quite challenging. I gained CRAZY amounts of poundage during my pregnancy (58 lbs to be exact! remember that post when I discussed weight last time?), and it's taken some major effort on my part to lose that weight. I started walking very soon after I had Easton, and that, along with some calorie counting helped me drop the first 20 lbs. Then I upped my game and started hiking again- (I think that was around month 3 of Easton's life). The hiking, walking, and calorie counting helped me drop a full 35 lbs. But here's the body likes to stay nice and comfy at a certain weight, and I had to do something different to shock it (Tony likes to call it, SHOCK-&-AWE) into losing and firming a little bit mo'.

In comes August Patterson. August is a friend, and an ÜBER motivated business owner. She's all things health and fitness. Her Baby Boot Camp meets four days a week and has helped me drop 3 more pounds, get into a pair of jeans that haven't fit since month 5 of pregnancy, and (bonus!!) I get to socialize with other Mamas!

I think the ticket to Baby Boot Camp's success is that we use our own body weight to work out. We do lot's of different exercises, focusing on arms, butts, legs, cardio, and strength training.

I really like to workout, but what I LOVE most about August's class is that we are mamas first- and that's just fine with August. If we need to change or nurse our babies during a sprint drill, there's absolutely NO judgement from our fearless leader. And why should there be, after all, she brings her darling little munchkins to class too!!

*That little cutie is Uma, August's youngest daughter

I have been working out consistently for over 2 and a half years now, and one thing that I have noticed is that change is a good thing. Changing up my workout routine was key to further success in losing weight and inches, and getting more toned. Hiking is still a HUGE part of my week, but a little bit of push-ups never hurt anyone.

If you have any questions about how to join August's class you can contact her HERE! 

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